The tune has a lot of bluesy aspects, but it doesn’t have the usual blues chord progression. ブルースコードを活用したコード進行の例 最もシンプルなブルースコード進行 既に述べた通り、「I7」「IV7」それぞれのコードは通常の「I」「IV」と同じ位置づけで扱われます 下記はブルースセッションなどで頻繁に活用される12小節のコード構成を表したもの(キー=C)です。 As mentioned above, the first mode of choice over the G7 chord is the G Mixolydian mode: Don’t limit yourself to this position though, learn to play this scale over the entire neck: Another option to play over the G7 is the G major pentatonic scale or the G major blues scale. Key Variations. While So What is built around the Dorian mode, All Blues is built around the Mixolydian mode. You are right that the Gmixolydian mode notes are all natural notes from the C major scale. In the 2 last bars, I use a G Dorian scale. On the next page, you’ll see a Bird Blues and I will circle the important blues chords so that you can see where he got them from. How to Play All Blues by Miles Davis on Guitar - Jazz Guitar-James Nichols, Barney Kessel & Herb Ellis - Flintstones Theme, "Georgia (On My Mind)" Herb Ellis & friends, Kenny Burrell and Stevie Wonder Live at Catalina Jazz Club, Jimmy Smith w Kenny Burrell - Got my Mojo Workin' - 1993, Bill Evans & Kenny Burrell - A Child Is born (1978), Kenny Burrell Trio In a mellow tone 1990, Show the world what you are playing with ChordU. In the first 3 bars, I use a phrase that is transposed. Are these examples included in the Study Guide? same thing goes for the G dorian scale. Thank you! This example uses major and minor sixths in the G Mixolydian scale. Focus on a solo that resolves to the G note and that should give a different sound and feel than just playing notes from F major scale. Please log in again. I have asked this question many times in search of a convincing answer: “Modes”!? Although there is no real modulation to C7 in the 5th bar because the bass stays G, it sounds like it is going to C7 because the harmony changes to G minor. Muchas gracias Dirk. Make sure to listen to the original recording and consider the arrangement. All Blues|Melody,Chords|Improvising|Guitar Lesson - YouTube Copyright Jazz Guitar Online 2020 © All rights Reserved. Shares (Image credit: Future) Guitar skills: Every blues jam needs a chord progression and these 10 shapes are guaranteed to give you a bona fide blues guitar sound. All Blues is a 12-bar blues in 6/8, but not a blues in the strict sense of the word. The basic guitar mode you can use to improvise over All Blues is G Mixolydian. E.g. 50 hrs a week, I am lucky if I can get 2-3 hrs with my guitar over the weekend. however, When you solo using the G Mixolydian scale, keep in your mind that the root of the scale is G . The most obvious scale choice to play over the Gm6 (or C9, depending on how you look at it), is the G Dorian mode (=C Mixolydian mode). [Bbm Gb F Eb Ab D G Dm Bb Ebm Gm Em Db Bm C E A Cm] Chords for All Blues- Kenny Burrell with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. This example uses simple dominant 7 arpeggios mixed with chromatic notes. This is purely a theoretical thing and doesn’t matter so much, but it makes it interesting none the less. The tensions used by Miles Davis make it hard to tell which scale he was thinking of. Many people play a C7 in the 5th and 6th measure. In this last example, I use 2 minor pentatonic scales. These chords are normally used on a minor blues, but here they are used in the context of a major blues. Aside from that, I, luckily, have paid my dues, purchased my books and put in the hours I can afford to put in. Eb7 to Edim7). i) G Mixolydian, is essentially C major (all natural notes). iii) If G Dorian is the correct scale (essentially F major) then why C7 (which includes the Bb) is wrong? What am I missing here? Are we/I over-analyzing all this? The login page will open in a new tab. so the more you practice and speak the language, the more fluent you will become with jazz. In the 4th bar, for example, I use the G altered scale, as I would normally do to go to C7. Miles Davis uses a #9 and a natural 5th on both chords in his solos. In this example, I play the G harmonic minor scale with added b7 (the second note). Use them to slide, hammer or pull into the 9 or 3. in today’s examples. The first 4 measures also work as an intro. Here’s how you can play the basic accompaniment that’s played by the piano on Miles Davis’ recording of All Blues. Circled is the I, IV7 and the V chord. The 10 best blues guitar chords - and how to use them. The D7#9 and Eb7#9 in bars 9 and 10 are the hardest part of All Blues’ chord changes. All Blues by Miles Davis Tab Different Versions Chords, Tab, Tabs.