Dwarf compact ground cover version of morning glory, with those bright blue flowers but without the rampaging tendencies. Australian Native Ground Cover. Here’s 6 quick reasons from the top of our head. Plant in a sunny g... Convolvulus cneorum - silverbush . They fill in gaps on your garden floor, hide flaws, suppress weeds and create soft edges. Bronze Rover. Find store information, opening times, services, tools and more. Ideal for reducing soil erosion. Brachyscome White Wash. Brachyscome diversifolia . Break of Day. Not only does it produce… Why buy delivered plants? Grevillea laurifolia. Houzz New Zealand Contributor. Divide plants every two to four years to prevent the centres of the clumps browning off. Covered in deep blue flowers from spring to early summer. Native violet is your go-to groundcover plant for that shady, often damp area down the side of the house. SERIES 25 Episode 17. 23 Innovative Home Storage Ideas From Around the Globe, Before and After: A Kitchen That was Spun Around and Extended, 10 Furniture Classics You Can Turn Into Bathroom Vanities, Top 10 Things to Do in the Garden in September, A Wing and a Prayer: Create a Heavenly Home for Butterflies, How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Outdoor Paths and Steps, Quick and Easy Ways to Look After Your Timber Deck in Winter, Spend & Save: Where to Put Your Money When Planning Your Outdoors, 9 Ways to Keep Bugs Away While You Enjoy the Great Outdoors, Inspiration Alert: Dulux Colour Awards 2020 Winners Announced, Houzz Tour: A Love of Art and Design in Every Detail of This Home, Before & After: An Affordable Family Kitchen Makeover, My Houzz: A New Zealand Home Celebrates Colour and Easy Materials. I also design gardens and am a passionate gardener. Silvery-green native ground cover with bright yellow flowers, adaptable to all kinds of garden situations and climates. 21 Bathrooms That Rock a Bright Colour Palette, 4 Great Small Bathrooms... and How They Did It, Best of the Week: 24 Brilliant Small and Narrow Kitchens, 19 Design Tricks to Maximise Space in a Small Kitchen, The Top 10 Items to Declutter in Your Home, Best of the Week: 24 Bathroom Vanities to Inspire, 8 Clever Ideas for Designing Your Dream Hallway Cupboard, Best of the Week: 28 Amazing Australian Homes, Best of the Week: 21 Fierce Fire Pit Set-Ups, Best of the Week: 25 Genius Kitchen Storage Ideas. Creeping boobialla. Low-growing succulents. Josh says there's a native plant to suit every kind of garden - from formal, to cottage and everything in between. $5.40. creeping australian salt bush - Needs full sun. Plant 3' apart for solid cover. Journalist who lives in Auckland and specialises in writing about gardens, houses and design. Grevillea (G.baueri xG.Alpina) x G.Rosmar.Lutea. Brachyscome multifida select form. Corinne Hampel's Blog about Growing and Propagating Australian Native Plants, Grevillea Jelly Baby Grevillea lanigera x Grevillea lavandulacea Jelly babies are very more-ish and this is one you’ll want to scatter throughout the landscape. A spreading shrub that spreads, trails and cascades beautifully but with serious … Westringia ‘Flat n Fruity’ is a new prostrate form of the Australian coast rosemary, Westringia fruticosa, a ubiquitous plant down Australia’s east coast which you can find even … Continue reading →. GROUND-COVERS - FLATTER-GROWING-HABIT FROST RESISTANT PLANTS ROCKERY PLANTS BIRD AND BEE PLANTS POWERLINE FRIENDLY PLANTS Aussie Crawl Grevillea (Grevillea Aussie Crawl) $3.40 A hardy prostrate groundcover which is very similar to Grevillea Royal Mantle in its flatter growing habit. Covered in deep blue flowers from spring to early summer. Thrives in a partly shaded position with good drainage, tolerates some dryness. Lamb’s ear copes well with poor soil as long as its well-drained, and loves the sun, although it will tolerate shade. This low-growing form of the common herb only grows 1cm high but can spread over large areas. Refine Search. In spring and summer it produces pretty pink or purple flowers, though some cultivars, such as ‘Silver Carpet’, are non-flowering. Luscious deep pink flowers all but …, Myoporum parvifolium Putuh Creek [Groundcover Myoporum] part of the Myoporaceae family with White flowers flowering in Most of the year avaliable from Australian Native Plants located in Ventura, CA, Acacia cognata ‘Limelight’ from our RHSChelsea best in show. Plant in a sunny spo... Convolvulus - ground morning glory . Australian Native Ground Cover Native ground covers are the perfect low-maintenance alternative to a lawn! Some plants are more drought tolerant and frost tolerant than others. The hot pink blooms of Spanish Shawl make it a popular ground cover in frost-free areas. Excellent erosion control for dry hillsides. Thrives in a partly shaded position with good drainage, tolerates … Add to Cart. The beautifully illustrated Diggers Club Diary features a week to a page, seeds to sow each month, blank pages for seasonal observations, and handy pockets for your seed packets and plant labels, while The Diggers Calendar showcases stunning garden photography to inspire you throughout the entire year. green, cream and pink leaves and grows to about a metre wide and 40cm tall. Tolerant of alkaline soils. Experienced Perth gardeners. Highly adaptable, they grow just about anywhere but prefer well-drained soil in ether full sun or half-sun. Leaving your soil uncovered in the garden is a bit like walking around in the hot sun with no hat – you’re asking for trouble. Australian Native Ground Cover Range by Plant Native! It's ideal to soften around a stepping-stone path, adding pretty mauve and white flowers for most of the year to the dense cover of round leaves. An Australian native ground cover. Come visit us today. 10 Native Ground Covers for Shade Areas . The leaves of some varieties are tinged reddish brown during the winter. 1. An Australian native ground cover. Aussie Crawl. $4.85. Currently I write the garden pages for New Zealand magazine Your Home & Garden and contribute to NZ Gardener and NZ House & Garden magazines. Australian Natives come in a diverse variety of shapes and sizes. They fill in gaps on your garden floor, hide flaws, suppress weeds and create soft edges. Pod Garden Design & Landscape Save Photo. Wanda's Weeding & Gardening: weeding, pruning, lawns, mulching, planting, garden design, garden maintenance and more! If you want a low care plant with pretty pink flowers then I highly recommend the thryptomene! The plant forms a low, dense carpet and has an indefinite spread, sometimes spreading too vigorously in warmer gardens.