I have one pack of mini shims - you are welcome to them (you pay shipping) as I no longer have a mini and have no use for them. I have shims for all my Taylors. Yes they have the NT neck joint and use the Taylor shims. Taylor have a few different shim types, dependant on the model of the guitar. Troisnoir, I have done a little bit of repair work, (shimmed the neck, truss rod, bridge work) and found raising or lowering the height off the fretboard does indeed affect tone. The tech evidently wasn't a real Taylor tech. The Taylor rep mentioned that your action should always be adjusted with neck angle, not the saddle height. Thanks for the replys. (The current neck angle is the way it came from the factory, new). You can do it if you have some basic mechanical/guitar knowledge, and you're careful. The shims for the GS Mini are a smaller physical size than for my standard Taylors. Hey Howard. It is the relationship between the sizes of the two shims that changes by model. That isn't correct (if I understood what you wrote.) If I understand you, you are keeping the standard height at the fretboard, and installing a taller bridge? I'll let these guitars get their action lowered at a Taylor authorized repair center. Got ya Howard. (compensating with the neck angle of course). Laid the mini over the standard. All he did was shave the saddle down-- too far IMHO. I have a 2006 GS, and I'd like to install a slightly higher saddle to improve tone, but I don't want the action that high. Is it ok to stack these shims? The factory shim is a 16. I believe Taylor guards their shims pretty closely. 2015 Taylor Baby & Big Baby Neck Shims User Name: Remember Me? Shims are all the same. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. Seems a bit impractical, unless you own a Taylor, which has a bolt on neck and shims. I put an off-the-shelf bone saddle in it, and it brought the good string break angle back. They sent me 24, 26, 28 and 30. Would you happen to know if the GS Mini and Baby Taylor share the same type of shim? A setup was included with my DN3 when I bought it. I would like to alter the neck angle, just slightly, to allow me to do this. Jon. Initially, he turned kind of pale and looked concerned, but once i explained what I was doing, and that I've been a repairman for several decades, he relaxed, and told me to email him, he'd send me some shims, no problem. I'm working on a Taylor Baby with really high action. Attended the Road Show last night and spoke with the rep. It definitely improved the tone and volume, but now the action is high again. As you said, only difference is the length. Charter Member : Join Date: Jun 2011. General Acoustic Guitar and Amplification Discussion. But of course I do, so that's what I'm doing - adjusting the neck angle. In addition to the NT neck, they have the new ESB pickups and I don't feel like messing with the saddle either. Password: Register: FAQ: Calendar: Mark Forums Read Thread Tools #1 09-18-2015, 05:25 AM jonfields45. I'm in need of a new shim for a BT. There is only one shim on these models under the fretboard tongue (there is no heel on these necks). I'd recommend checking with him for availability of shims. Upon my request, Taylor sent me a set of shims for my Big Baby. I got various shims from Taylor after telling them my target action. AGF sponsor Marc Babin/Babin Guitar Repair is an authorized Taylor repair center.