Water in thoroughly and water at least 1” per week.. Available on M7. Decide on which trees are right for you keeping in mind that all fruit trees except cherries and Mount Royal Plum need a pollinator. Ripens in Oct./Nov. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Flowers may be small the first year, normal size by the second year. GRANIWINKLE Always considered a first-class cider apple, Graniwinkle is also a wonderful fresh eating apple with a rich, sweet flavor. NOT SUITABLE FOR HOT SUMMER CLIMATES! Watch their eyes light up when harvesting their own fruit. Ripens late September. Recent introduction from Japan; now California's favorite apple. High quality apple trees grown organically on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada. 500 hours or less. Use fresh or cooked. Available on M111. Remarkable fruit for mild winter climates in southern California and southern Arizona. Dull reddish-orange skin, sometimes russetted. Crisp, juicy, flavorful, tart. Cream colored flesh is fine grained, crisp, juicy and aromatic with a rich, subacid to sprightly flavor. Self-fruitful or pollenized by Dorsett Golden or Ein Shemer. Use fresh or cooked. 612-240-3355. Harvest in the fall for decorative centerpieces. Very large and attractive greenish yellow and red fruit is crisp and sweet with pure white flesh. It’s not just about blue or pink anymore! There are several advantages to buying your trees in bare root quantities rather than in pots. From British Columbia; hardy to approximately zone 4. Easy picking. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. White flower heads are more erect than ‘Grandiflora’. Available on M111. Ever bearing plants 4-10” h bears fruit June through Aug. Plant in ground or as a children’s project: plant in pots. Has dense clusters of white blossoms in spring. At maturity long term storage. Before winter paint the south side of tree. Productive throughout southern California and Phoenix, Arizona. Keeps 3-4 months. Very winter hardy, widely adapted. Good keeper. Skin is reddish pink over green; white flesh is fine grained and resists browning. Rarely to never fed on by Japanese beetles. Kansas: Double red flowers that are non-fading. 500 hours or less. Pick when green or wait until partly yellow. This will help insure no air bubble will remain in the soil. Pollinates mid season. Sweet, crisp, flavorful apple - perhaps the best Red Delicious. NW Among the deepest and darkest of the purples. Anna, Fuji, Dorsett Golden and Gordon (all of these varieties) grafted onto one tree. Ripens in August, 2-3 weeks before Red Delicious. POLLINATION OF CHERRIES: The varieties that I am recommending are all self-fruitful. Induces early and heavy bearing. Pollenizer for Mutsu, Gravenstein, Winesap, Jonagold. Limelight: As the name implies ‘Limelight’ has exquisite, bright, lime-green to cream flowers, a beautiful color that adds a much needed brightness to the late summer landscape. Available on M111. Jersey Knight: Mostly male spears. This vine is a must if you want show stopping color! Prolonged bloom; good pollenizer for other apples. Pollenizer required. Adapted to cold and warm winter climates. Cider Apple Trees for sale, growing and supplying standard apple trees which, can be used to make cider or for eating, cooking or juicing. Rarely to never fed on by Japanese beetles. POLLINATION OF APPLES: Apple flowers must receive pollen from bees, and flies transferring pollen from another variety of apple to produce fruit. Red over yellow skin, yellowish flesh. We have a range of specialist cider apple trees and can advise on planting and growing them. Fruit ripens in late September. Good keeper. We have some great roots on these trees so dig it bigger all the better!! Excellent cut flower complemented by mild fragrance. 2020 is closed, preorder for  Spring 2021. Productive throughout southern California and Phoenix, Arizona. Sweet extra juicy fruit is an absolute delight for fresh eating, canning, baking and freezing. Zestar: University of Minnesota (“State Fair” x “MN selection”) Introduced in 1998. (CPBRAF, ®CA) Height: 18-36″, Spread: 18-36″, Shape: Upright, rounded, Exposure: Full sun to part shade, Foliage: Green, Fall Foliage: Insignificant, Zone: 4-9, Twist-n-Shout®: Like all plants in the Endless Summer® Collection, Twist-n-Shout® produces abundant blooms on both old and new wood all summer long. Self-fruitful; interfruitful with Red Delicious, Empire, McIntosh. POLLINATION OF PEARS: Pears also require cross pollination by another pear variety. Hybridized by Pieter Zwijnenburg, Jr. In the home orchard, plant apple trees about 10 feet apart, and trim them to stay between 6 – 15 feet tall. Mid late season pollinator. Cordon Crab Apple Trees (Malus) Cordon Culinary Apples. Sweet, very crisp and flavorful apple; excellent keeper. Late season. Current popular varieties have also been bred in Australia and New Zealand. Apparently resistant to oak root fungus. Excellent pollenizer for other apples. Available on M111. Once I call to notify that your trees are at the orchard, you will need to take possession immediately. Cobnut & Filbert Bushes. Available on Gen. A cross of McIntosh and Red Delicious; excellent choice for hot summer climates. From England, discovered in the early 1700's. A revolutionary new lilac, Bloomerang blooms in spring and then recurrently throughout summer. Ripens Sept./Oct. Open Seasonally Available on M111. Grows well in more extreme fruit growing regions such as southern districts and deserts. Large, very dark red with silky luster. Available on M111. One of the great family orchard apples of 19th century America. Ripens late August to early September. Ripens in August, 2-3 weeks before Red Delicious. Available on Gen. (Original Gala)Wonderful dessert apple from New Zealand Skin is reddish-orange, striped over yellow. No root circling as these trees come in a bare root form. Rarely to never fed on by Japanese beetles. The fruit is sweeter than other sour cherries. Large red shaped fruit with sweet pleasant flavor. Self-fruitful. In autumn the blooms display shades of pink, burgundy and green. Espalier can lay flat on a wall. Out of stock Alert me. Early, profuse pink blossoms in spring. Amend your soil as per your soil test requires. Available on M111. Felix Supreme Peony: Large, double, showy, deep ruby-red fragrant flowers appear in mid-season amid glossy deep green, thickly textured leaves. Ripens in early July. Medium sized with yellow-green base and an attractive red blush. Available on Gen. Greenish yellow apple with red blush to full red color. Bare Root Apples Apple trees have existed before recorded history; ancient Phoenicians harvested wild apples.