Note: You’re always able to contact your local government with any specific questions. Make sure you keep all your receipts, evaluations, and expenses that were the result of the infestation so they can be incorporated into your potential claim and demanded by your attorney should one be retained. Bed Bug Lawyer Illinois Over the past decade we have witnessed a dramatic rise in bed bug infestation in Chicago and across the state of Illinois. The amount of money you get is extremely variable and is dependent on the value of a bed bug settlement. The laws on bed bugs will differ based on where you live, so it’s important to stay informed and check local ordinances for any specific rules related to bed bug infestations. While this is great for business, it often means that temporary residences such as hotels and Airbnbs are full of new people every day. A good Chicago bed bug lawyer will help you build a case and get compensated for both monetary and non-monetary damages incurred from a bed bug infestation. Monetary damages are related to expenses such as: Non-monetary damages are related to things such as: In 2015 a man filed a lawsuit against an apartment complex which had ongoing bed bug infestations. Or call us at 773-232-3077. Are you a victim of bed bugs? Note: This website contains references to services from one or more of our advertisers. Terms apply. Our office represents Chicago bed bug victims on a pre-litigation basis. If you do find bed bugs from hotel stays that have made their way into your home you may want to contact an attorney or attorney’s office that has experience in bed bug cases. Increased resiliency to common pesticides, The ability to live for months without food. Get connected with bed bug lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your pre-litigation bed bug case representation and possible recovery of your losses due to bed bugs. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies. This is a fantastic thing but if the hotel owner is negligent and either ignores a bed bug infestation knowingly or does not clean thoroughly, allowing an infestation to take hold, compensation may be due to those that are affected. Businesses that rent used furniture or electronic equipment are required to inspect their furniture before it gets in the customer’s hands. If you believe that the hotel you’re staying in or the furniture you’ve purchased has bed bugs due to the hotel or shop owner’s negligence, then you have come to the right place. It is the responsibility of hotel owners and apartment owners to make sure their units are clean, safe and free of pests each and every day. We can connect you with licensed personal injury lawyers to discuss your situation. Because of its centuries old companionship with humans, bed bugs are widely distributed throughout the world. In 2013, Chicago passed a law that requires landlords to provide tenants with educational information on bed bugs. This may include things like medical bills if you went to the doctor for your symptoms, extermination bills, time off from work, etc. Bed bugs are nasty and no one should have to battle an infestation and foot the cost of that battle due to the negligence of someone else. Receive your free personal injury consultation now! Just remember, bed bugs aren’t in any way embarrassing. A good Chicago bed bug lawyer will help you build a case and get compensated for both monetary and non-monetary damages incurred from a bed bug infestation. Should our office be able to assist your with a claim, your lawyer will help you gather information, contact the opposing side assisting the hotel or apartment in question, and will help prepare your claim so that you can seek recovery for your damages. Though the bed bug lost its wings, it adapted well to hitchhiking with its hosts. There are no fees unless you win your case. Although most bed bug cases resolve without a lawsuit, should one need be filed in a jurisdiction the firm is not authorized to practice, our lawyers can work with local counsel upon the execution of a new agreement. Bed bugs cause a wholly unpleasant and often debilitating infestation that too many people are affected by. These creatures will hide in your clothing, luggage, or furniture for long periods of time. As with many large cities, hotels and apartments are a daily part of life that allow people to come and go and visit the city without taking up permanent residence. In reality some insects benefit the world, while others set out to complicate life on earth. Should our office take on representation, your pre-litigation attorney will also advise you about what further steps you need to take when it comes to follow ups, questioning, or even settlements that you may get in regards to the case. In many cases your attorney will be able to reach an agreement with the third party outside of court in which your claim is presented and a settlement is offered. Unless a tenant brought bed bugs into the property, in most circumstances the landlord is required to pay for services to remove bed bugs entirely. As stated by the  American Academy of Dermatology some more serious symptoms caused by bed bug bites include: If you have been exposed to bed bugs and experienced severe symptoms or even had adverse psychological effects of bed bugs, get in touch with a medical professional. You and your landlord should cooperate on: Landlords have up to ten days to have a professional inspection for an apartment after being notified. Evidence of the infestation is important, and a bed bug lawyer can walk you through everything you need to create a strong case. In that sense both landlords and tenants share the duty of preventing an infestation. A vast amount of scientific research has shown that bed bugs are carriers of pathogens and can transmit a variety of diseases to humans. These little critters usually appear out of of neglect but they can spread quickly and cause long term suffering. The foot traffic from tourists along with the existing population density is leading to a rise in bed bug infestations. We are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. Curious if you're entitled to compensation? Get Help from a Chicago Bed Bug Lawyer Today. Some attorneys are not licensed to practice in certain jurisdictions. Bed bugs, as the name suggest, are most commonly found lurking in beds, but they can be found in furniture, covers, and sheets, behind picture frames or on baseboards. The first step when it comes to handling a bed bug infestation that is the direct result of a negligent party is to handle the infestation itself.