Make-ahead hors d'oeuvres, from shrimp-and-pork spring rolls to tomato tartlets. Q: I am flying to a bachelorette party in Las Vegas and am looking for appetizers that will travel well and don’t need refrigeration or cooking. Normally, this wouldn’t be a big deal but the hosts live a good 90+ minute drive away and this has stumped me.What appetizers travel well?Sent by RosieEditor: Rosie, well, if you have a cooler then lots of goo… My DH just asked his clan if we could "bring … Luckily, there are countless crowd-pleasing alternatives that will make the journey in one piece, however bumpy the ride. They are best to have on hand for last minute guests who like to “drop in” without much notice. Make it well ahead of time, storing it on your counter top in an airtight container, up to 4 weeks. Try not to snack it all away before the party! If you’ve ever tried to take ornately decorated cupcakes to a party in hopes of avoiding disaster, you know they aren’t the best potluck option. Lucky for you, we have tons of easy and impressive appetizer recipes to make before the party starts, so you can celebrate Love2Cook87 looks forward to this "simple, traditional cheese ball every year." Make Ahead Appetizers You Can Freeze These appetizers are all easy to make and best of all, these are ones you can FREEZE and take out another day or week! The same goes for towering layer cakes, tacos, ice cream and big roasts. We'll share prep tips and favorite recipes. 03 of 19 The holiday season can be quite hectic with all parties, celebrations and unexpected guests. Try not to snack it all away before the party! I need ideas besides snack mix! Glide into the holidays with a stash of make-ahead appetizers at the ready. HELP! I have a housefull of company all week with more shopping and cooking than I can shake a stick at. Aug 1, 2018 - Q: I’ve been asked to bring an appetizer to a dinner party that we’ll be attending the day after Thanksgiving.