Wild Sardines from Wild Planet are of high-quality as the sardines are harvested from the Californian coast – which is popular for its delicious seafood. Of the canned sardines mentioned above, the King Oscar Sardines with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the personal favorite of sardine lovers as the best canned sardines. In addition to their health benefits, sardines are also a sustainable and environmentally friendly seafood option. Contents. Check Price on Amazon . Sardines are extremely nutritious; high in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and calcium; and are a great, quick source of protein. The sardines are sustainably harvested just off the coast of Spain, which is one of the best areas in the world for sardines. King Oscar Sardines Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They are convenient Superfoods that contain calcium, protein, iron and Omega-3s. This product has 12 pieces of sardines. The Best Canned Sardines Reviews: 10. Top 17 Best Canned Sardine Reviews In 2020 Wild Planet Canned Sardines. Bela is a Portuguese brand that comes to us today with a 4-ounce (about 120 grams) can of lightly smoked sardines in olive oil. Meanwhile, those in sauce or with additives like herbs, vegetables, and spices will mask the raw taste. Even better, they’re packed in olive oil that was produced in Spain as well—and if you know anything about olive oil, you’ll know that Spain is one of the best areas in the world for it. From most accounts, this brand will be a dream come true for those who hate dealing with small sardines as the ones you’ll find in this can will be pretty big. The best canned sardines are not harmful to the body if eaten in moderation and with the proper ingredients packed in. Best Canned Sardine Brands Bela-Olhao Sardines Sardines In Olive Oil. The sardines are wood-smoked for rich flavor and hand-packed for shipment. Wild Planet Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Lightly Smoked) #2. Best Canned Sardines On The 2020 Market #1. After trying 30 types of canned sardines here are my thoughts: - Sardines caught near Portugal or Spain are the best with a meaty tuna flavor - Italian grocery stores carry the best brands of Portuguese sardines (in my area anyway) - Olive oil is the best medium for sardines - Really skip those flavored with tomato sauce or mustard Do you enjoy their fresh flavors or prefer it in a pickled form? Popular in Portugal and the Mediterranean, sardines are freshly caught, canned immediately, and a staple in most households. Buy on Amazon. Read Full Reviews At Amazon! The best canned sardines will depend on how you like to eat this fish. They are packed with omega 3, protein, calcium, and iron. The best canned sardines offer the best alternative to enjoy seafood without the harmful effects of a high sodium level meal. Sardines in oil usually deliver the fresh taste of fish. Below is our guide on what canned sardines to get, why they’re healthy, and what’s best to pair with them on a rainy day.