Some of these correlations are stronger than others. A DNA test can also tell you things about how your body is genetically inclined to process fat and carbohydrates, whether you might be prone to stress eating, how likely you are to feel full after eating, and even your tendency to regain weight after you’ve lost it. Does DNA Fitness Testing Tell Me My Optimal Workout Routine? These are all broken down into easy-to-understand terms that you can use to make the appropriate lifestyle changes. Using your genetic data and evidence-based research, GenoPalate provides you with a personalized report. This is only for those who have an active DNA sample on file already. For example, they can influence whether you’re more well-suited to endurance or short bursts of high speed. Hundreds of hours of research and testing, analyzing results, and discussions with specialists and customer support representatives later, our experts have found the best DNA tests for diet and fitness. Additionally, it analyzes several factors that may be attributed to your weight and diet, including metabolism, obesity and your propensity for regaining lost weight. Latest technology and knowledge. We’ve got the latest information on fitness and nutrition tests so you can understand the potential outcomes. The information on this website is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, and/or treatment. You’ll get a glimpse into possible food sensitivities, such as whether you’re potentially glucose or lactose intolerant, as well as any deficiencies that you may be prone to. Learn all about your energy and metabolism, strength and endurance, and inflammation, as well as your bones and muscle, and vitamins and nutrients. But people with a certain type of genetic fat metabolism are less likely to benefit from a low-fat diet than other people. Luckily, we’ve made things a whole lot easier. A DNA test can tell you how your genes might affect your fitness efforts – for example, how easily you may be able to build muscle mass, or whether you’re better geared for endurance or speed. Maybe you are someone who needs to actively be monitoring things like your metabolism or vitamin levels. Knowing about your genetic tendencies around metabolizing carbohydrates can help you decide whether a low-carb diet is likely to work for you. No matter your genetic makeup, maintain ideal blood pressure and glucose levels, avoid harmful alcohol intake, exercise regularly, get regular sleep. First of all, the test can tell you if you’re genetically more likely to be overweight than other people, based on whether you have certain gene markers that have been linked to this. To make our list of the best DNA tests for weight loss and fitness, we looked at several important factors that could affect your satisfaction with your results. By being aware of these traits, you can adapt your weight loss strategy to work with your body and not against it. The kits are simple to use—a basic cheek swab is all you need to collect your DNA sample. Improved weight management using genetic information to personalize a calorie controlled diet. Currently, research suggests that using genetic information to recommend personalized diets is premature. There are also test kits available and some retailers like CVS and Walgreens. Read more about our partner Cure Rare Disease and the fight against Duchenne’s. While our bodies are approximately 99.9 percent the same when it comes to DNA, there are still several million different factors that make us unique. This measures your current levels as opposed to your genetic predisposition, so the overall value again depends on your specific needs. In Rightangled’s training plan, you’ll get advice regarding how many cardio and yoga sessions to do each week, plus you have access to a personal trainer. Whether you are looking for a detailed DNA diet plan or an overview of genetic testing for weight loss, this company can help. [See: Best DNA Tests.] Short on time? Healthy Weight DNA Insight takes a health screening a little bit further by including nutrigenetics in its evaluations along with medication response and the risk factor of common conditions and diseases. Some companies are very responsive, and others can take a long time to respond to your inquiries. Similarly, some people are more likely to regain weight quickly after dieting than others. One thing that many of the weight loss DNA tests offer is information into how your nutrition should look based on their interpretation of variants. Another genetic trait involves carbohydrate metabolism. Testing companies may say that a high-protein, low-fat diet is best. What is a Haplogroup? DNA test for weight loss is the best way to identify the genes and variants responsible for obesity and then take the right measures for weight loss. Reading our expert reviews will help you feel confident about your experience, and is also a good way to make sure that you get the absolute best price. For this reason, it is important to talk to your doctor about any medical symptoms or genetic tests you are considering.