It has four custom watering programs that can be controlled with Amazon Alexa, This marvelous indoor device supports the mobile phone app as well as Amazon Alexa smart home hub. The new model is even easier to install, and the company has made various improvements to its already terrific app. 2004 - 2020 How to set sprinkler … However, carefully check the product description because often, the manufacturers don’t include the sensors in the package. In terms of water efficiency, this Netro Sprite is one of the best. If you water your landscaping with a garden hose or simple drip irrigation, as opposed to an in-ground sprinkler system, Orbit’s B-hyve Smart Hose Watering Time is vastly superior to conventional non-connected timers, and Orbit’s app can control several of them independently. This controller comes with Weather Sense technology, which provides proper watering based on the terrain of your garden. On specific days of the week? Like most controllers, this one by Sprinkl has a Wi-Fi feature and uses it to connect with its own mobile app. HomeKit Sprinkler Controllers iMore 2020. They worked indoors or outdoors, and with their help, you could customize the watering. Above were the quick comparison between the different controllers. Its Sprinkl sensors do all the work for you as they are able to measure in-soil moisture levels and then transmits that data to the controller in real-time. You can use the Blossom mobile app to set up your preferred watering schedule easily, and the app itself even helps to prevent over-watering. Let’s get started! Next up on our list of the best sprinkler controllers, we have our top choice for Best Value, the Orbit B-hyve 8-Station Smart Wi-Fi Indoor Timer. If outside, you’ll need a weatherproof enclosure for the system. It also supports Wi-Fi connection, and in the event that your Wi-Fi goes down, you can use Bluetooth as a backup measure to adjust the settings. On-device controls: Probably the biggest single decision you need to make with a controller is whether you want a device that includes onboard controls, i.e., buttons and a readout directly on the controller that allow you to use it without an app. Our choice for the Best Indoor Controller is the Sprinkl Control SR-400. The Orbit B-hyve packs a lot of punch into this budget controller, and it starts with its 8-zone control, which is more than enough for a standard-size garden. Its Weather Sense technology provides proper watering based on the terrain type and weather forecasts, For larger gardens, you can go for this sprinkler controller with 16-zone coverage. Installing a real sprinkler system can be a big task that requires professional help—particularly if you have a large yard or garden—but upgrading to a smart controller from a “dumb” one isn’t difficult. The Rain Bird ST8-2.0 is another convenient controller that is perfect for indoors because of its very small size. Just like with many electronic devices, the progress of technology has taken these units to the next level. This controller can be installed indoor and can withstand the rigors of changing weather thanks to its durable exterior made of UV-stabilized, flame-retardant material. The Blossom 7 can control up to seven sprinkler zones independently. With the mobile app, you can automate your watering schedules by adding new programs and change existing ones all from the comfort of your Android or Apple device. It supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi transmission and is compatible with a number of different devices, including most Android and Apple devices, as well as the Alexa smart home hub. 9 Best Sprinklers for Low Pressure – Water Your Lawn No Matter What! You really get a lot of great functions with these smart sprinkler controllers, and another one of them is the automatic weather updates. If it’s more than once, that’s one time too many. In our search for the best sprinkler controller, we identified top 3 models for different reasons. However, on our list of the best sprinkler controllers, you can see that they can range from 6-16 zones. The Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers of 2020. If you plan to use the sensors in your garden, there’s a great benefit of doing so. Here we will highlight each of their features and benefits, as well as the pros and cons of each system. This will help in their proper growth, and it also won’t be a problem to do the same thing each day every day. Get up and running with this controller by using Wi-Fi, and once it is connected, you can customize your watering by plant type, soil type, slope/terrain, and sun exposure. This allows you to set a specific schedule that is tailored to the needs of your garden. It also supports two different Wi-Fi frequencies, which is great because it allows you to choose how you wish to transmit data to your controller. Orbit B-hyve 8-Station Smart Wi-Fi Indoor Timer, Orbit B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor 6-Station, Aeon Matrix Yardian Smart Sprinkler Controller with HD Camera, Hunter Industries X-Core 8-Station Controller, Blossom 0080-AWICD 7-Zone Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller. When you will have one of the best HomeKit sprinkler controllers, you’ll be able to add good house magic to your entrance or again garden, whether or not you are utilizing an in-ground sprinkler system and even only a hose. You can put it anywhere inside your house, and its small size can go unnoticed. In our review of these sprinkler controllers, we’ll evaluate each product based on a number of important factors. Sounds great, but the reality is that most smart sprinklers exist as islands today: Only a few connect to anything at all, though Amazon’s Alexa has a modicum of support. We’ve found that these don’t work all that well (they have a tendency to over-water), though options that skip watering when it rains can be a bonus feature. Its weatherproof case allows it to be installed either indoors or outdoors and to withstand any punishment from the weather. It has a very clean and simplistic look to it as well, and it is meant for indoor installation. Some are designed strictly for indoor use, while others offer the ability to be used both indoors and outdoors. It is our hope that with these reviews of the best sprinkler controllers, you will be able to make an informed decision to purchase the right unit for your gardening needs. Thus, it really comes down to what amount you’re willing to invest in a unit. Not every controller can handle complex schedules, so look closely at your options before buying. If you’re familiar with sprinkler controllers, then you’re more than familiar with what zones mean. Both approaches to date have shown some merit. Orbit’s second-generation B-hyve smart sprinkler controller has lots of bells and whistles, and it can even withstand being mounted outdoors without needing an accessory (although it’s not completely waterproof). 10 Best Lawn Sprinklers to Help Your Lawn Look Fresh, 6 Best Sprinkler Pumps to Provide the Right Water Flow, 4 Best Traveling Sprinklers to Water Every Corner of Your Lawn, 8 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers – Easiest Way to Take Care of Your Garden, 5 Best Sprinklers for a Small Lawn – Reviews and Buying Guide, 9 Best Oscillating Sprinklers for Gentle Watering. Required fields are marked *. It covers 16 zones so you can use it with sprinklers for large areas and transmits data in real-time, providing excellent performance. More features: prevents overwatering, watering schedule, weather analysis. It conserves water and adjusts water schedules by getting weather forecasts from your local weather stations. We won’t rent or sell or spam your email. Having this capability just provides further convenience for the user, especially if you are quite busy and want to save some time. A few controllers can even import legal watering restrictions information for your zip code, to ensure you aren’t watering on prohibited days. This unit covers a whopping 16 zones so that all areas of your big garden are watered properly. It covers 8-zones and has Wi-Fi compatibility. In terms of tech compatibility, it supports most Android and Apple devices, and you can also use voice commands with Amazon Alexa and Google Home to control your water schedules. You can also control it with the Amazon Alexa smart home hub that allows you to operate four custom watering programs, which you can then manually override when you leave unexpectedly for a long period. Subscribe to keep up to date with top products to buy online. This helps you tremendously in saving money on your water bill as well as it helps you from overwatering your lawn and getting excess moisture, which can be damaging to your plants and soil. There are others, however, that are nearly twice as large in the dimensions. You’re able to automate your watering schedules with this app fully, and it also can anticipate changes in weather patterns as it connects to your local weather station. Smart-home hub support: Want to tie your sprinkler system into your smart-home hub?