This one is for you if you insist on a true Vintage setup, but minimum hum, and a hotter output. When you shop with Amazon, you can feel confident about the quality of your purchase. Dimarzio True Velvet Telecaster Bridge Pickups – DP178. Best Overall Telecaster Bridge: Gotoh Modern Bridge For Tele Chrome; Best Fender Telecaster Bridge: Fender Bridge Assembly For American Pro Telecaster; Fender American Series Tele Bridge; Fender Road Worn Telecaster Electric Guitar Bridge Assembly; Fender Telecaster Chrome Bridge Assembly With … Coming in at the lower end, more affordable end of the market, this is an ideal bridge for guitarists who are starting out, on a budget or need a quick fix; this … If you’re playing modern, heavier styles, stock Tele single-coils probably won’t cut it. Image: JBE. Mounting screws included. 1. The Best Telecaster Bridge. Fender Standard Series Telecaster Bridge Assembly. The main thing is to have the bottom of the bridge completly flat. Joe Barden Modern T-Style Bridge. Why You Should Buy the Best telecaster tremolo bridge From Amazon. A beefier version of the traditional Tele ® bridge, featuring six completely adjustable saddles for string height, radius, and intonation. Fender is one of the leading guitar brands in the world, so it should come as no surprise that their Telecaster bridge unit will go out of its way to prove that it’s one of the best in terms of quality and price. Jd.Moon Gold Tele Bridge Electric Guitar Saddle Bridge Top Load For Fender Tele Replacement; 2. For use with a Tele bridge pickup and through-body string attachment. Our only gripe … Its appearance is another pragmatic mixture of eras, while the six bent-steel bridge saddles mean the overall look is reminiscent of the recently superseded American Standard Telecaster. Amazon removes any third-party sellers that have major issues. This pickup gives the Telecaster a clear and free of noise sound. It’s slightly hotter than its predecessor, plays well with distortion, and also tidily reins in those highs. One of the best pickups for telecaster is this bridge pickup that will give your telecaster a unique definition and a very different style. This is a heavier bridge with a solid brass baseplate and allen-adjustable brass saddles. Built on the back of Joe Barden’s popular Gatton T-Bridge pickup, this pickup was designed to inject more muscle to the bridge position. Let’s face it. Also double wax potted to keep squeals to a minimum. Four of the best Telecaster bridge upgrade options for swapping out stock hardware. Metallor Vintage Style 6 Saddle Top Loader Bridge Compatible with Tele Telecaster Style Electric Guitar Parts Replacement Chrome. Vintage sound, but a bigger, more dynamic output that combines the best of the Broadcaster and Telecaster bridge pickups. If you think you want more sustain or a thicker sound a Callaham or Glendale will work but you will loose some of the twang on the thicker bridges. All bridges listed are the modern six-saddle design. The MIM Player range is the most affordable Fender series, and the Telecaster is one of the best models in the line-up. Wilkinson Chrome Wtb ‘Ashtray’ Bridge For Telecaster Type Guitars, With Brass Saddles (Chrome) 3. Any noise being produced in the strings of the chords is removed by this pickup and all you hear is pure music gently playing on the chords. The $7.99 stock Fender bridge is the best for a twangy sound.