Will Wild Nacatl ever be unbanned? I'd just like to go on the record stating that literally nothing good ever comes from this subreddit having this debate. I would say that's the main issue with it, it's too matchup dependent. Here's Wizards' original explanation for the ban if anyone is interested. At the end of all this, you have a gigantic Knight of the Reliquary, and your opponent has no untapped creatures—which means you get to smash for a ton. The way I see it, the only deck that it would be an auto-include in would be naya aggro, which at the moment is a tier 2 deck at best. similar to how deathrite shaman is the best one drop now and every midrange deck is forced to run GB and 3-4x DRS? The Burn strategy is one I expect to see at every Modern tournament. If the deck was literally 20 lands and 40 Lava Spikes, some games it just wouldn't be able to deal 20 damage; creatures help protect against that. Nacatl is great, it's fun with atarka's command and can get in a lot of extra damage depending on the matchup. Now realize that every single card listed costs 1 mana, and can be achieved with just 2 lands. Despite there being three different decks sporting Wild Nacatl (with Naya Burn being represented twice), all of these decks have one thing in common: They want to attack. Dark Depths-Hexmage. The only other competitive aggro deck at the moment is affinity and I hardly think that Nacatl will give naya enough of an edge to dethrone affinity any time soon. Additionally, every fetch land (Windswept Heath and the like) that you get gives you an extra landfall trigger, which means you can also tap all your opponent's creatures, or untap your mana creatures to generate mana. I really like that they banned Wild Nacatl because it forced everyone to play Zoo, and yet Tarmogoyf is just sitting there, twiddling his thumbs, eating the format in large chunks. If you look at the top 8 from PT Austin you will find that HALF of the top 8 was comprised of Nacatl zoo decks. Commander Legends releases on November 20, 2020. log in sign up. Again, we turn to Erik Lauer: "Recent Modern tournaments have been diverse, with no deck dominating the metagame. You don't put Wild Nacatl in your deck and not want to attack, because that's what Wild Nacatl does. Unbanned: Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. Just last weekend, a full sixteen (!) Between Path, Bolt, Qasali Pridemage, Ooze, and Dromoka's Command, it's possible for Naya Zoo to deal with all the opponent's threats and win with just one uncontested creature. Retreat is a little less good, but still does something, and the combination will win you the game in most situations. So Wild Nacatal i banned in Modern and Deathrite Shaman is not. As apposed to every aggro deck be affinity... What if they unbanned Wild Nacatl and banned for example Kird Ape instead? If you anticipate needing the ability to race such decks, this does do that—though I'd still look elsewhere if there are too many unfair decks in the field. Level of Aggression: Closer to Mild than Naya Zoo, but still aggressive. You Should Play This Deck If: You expect a lot of "fair" decks. After sitting out of Modern for three years, Wild Nacatl didn't exactly have a triumphant return. Punishing Fire was particularly, um, punishing, to anything with less than 3 toughness, as was Wild Nacatl. It is efficient, powerful, and, ultimately, vanilla. Wild Nacatl was banned back in December 2011 and it was a ban that actually confused me. Wild Nacatl has gone on a wild ride in Modern. Now imagine your deck also runs playsets of 2 other creatures that become 2/3s with even less requisites.