Teapots in particular are often used to demonstrate quirkiness and creativity, to depict figurative scenes, to evoke a sculptural form, or to create practical works of art. The cups feature the maker’s signature Montrose shape, and all of the components are made with hand-applied gold banding. People love them because they retain that cute puppy size their whole lives. Searching for a great cup of tea? Many high-end hotels in England and former British colonies in Asia, like Singapore or Malaysia, do still hold luxurious afternoon tea events for their guests. True to its name, it’s adorned with luscious fruit like peaches and berries, set on a contrasting white background. $99) features a timeless design that dates back to 1962 and was inspired by a quintessentially English country garden. Included are eight-ounce cups and everything else you need to serve a party of six. By the late 1900s, afternoon tea had become a haute event for high society women. Find sturdy solid color tea cups and elegantly crafted porcelain teacups with delicate floral patterns edged in silver or gold. When picking a tea set, there are a few factors to keep in mind. The Kendal 24oz has cups, saucers, and spoons for two plus a glass pot with an infuser that can be used to brew loose leaf tea. It also includes a stand for the pot that is designed to be used with a tea candle to keep your English tea warm while you chat with your guest. We have Wedgwood teacups and teacups by Adagio, Amsterdam, Royal Dalton and English Heirloom. We removed the Yalong Rose due to quality concerns and the Jusalpha Set due to availability issues. One of the most quintessentially British customs is that of afternoon tea, but this is actually a much more recent development in the English tea drinking culture than some might have expected. T eacup dog breeds are the smallest of the small. The first written mention of tea in English dates back to 1615, when Richard Wickham, the director of an East India Trading Company office in Japan, requested that merchants coming from Macau bring him a pot of their best tea. But if you're looking to entertain multiple guests, the Pukka Home Royal Series or Ufengke Retro Titanium are going to serve you better. If you're looking to sip in solitude, the Coastline Imports Gracie China or Portmeirion Pomona are designed to be used by one person. Customers shop our selections to add to their tea service collections or to start new collections. She studied writing and film at State University of New York at Purchase, where she earned her bachelor of arts degree. 10 of Britain's favourite brands of tea, ranked from best to worst, for National Tea Day Save A nice cup of tea. Those of the upper class could afford better quality porcelain, and didn't have to worry about their cups cracking, which ties in with the next theory. From a British company established in 1759, the Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom (around $236) features an eclectic mix of vintage floral designs inspired by patterns from the manufacturer’s archives. Their classic tea variety box is a product which tea lovers from all over the world would love to own. Whether or not you're English, if you get a hankering for a nice hot cuppa around 4 p.m. every day, one of these tea sets can enhance your afternoon. You don’t need to like in the United Kingdom to know the british tea brands. Follow. Great Exhibition Tea Set This bone china set features a pattern that’s exclusive to the Royal Collection Trust, and it’s a replica of part of a set acquired by Queen Victoria at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Anyone who values the refreshing qualities of a high quality oolong or Darjeeling will appreciate the elegant and timeless designs featured in our selection, and will be happy to display one in their kitchen or dining room.