Up to 400kg. Download FASCICOLO BXV04/6/8/10/AGT MULTI4 A5 (IT, EN, FR, RU) Came BK-2200 230Vac sliding kit for gate … By-3500T. TOPENS CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit Chain Driven Sliding Gate Motor for Heavy Duty Slide Gates Up to 1600 Pounds and 40 Feet, Driveway Security Slide Gate Operator 4.2 out of 5 stars 105 $299.00 $ 299 . Bk. Want to know all about the latest training, video guides and news? Manual for CAME TOP EV remote controls. Any other use is Special instructions and to be considered dangerous. Page 2 4 Description 4.1 Gearmotor The BK-BKE gearmotor is designed and built by CAME CANCELLI AUTOMATICI S.p.A. and it meets the safety standards in force. FTX. Datasheet for CAME FROG series underground gate openers. Sliding Gates; Accessories; Gate Automation for . Complete kit for a sliding gate weighing up to 1000 kg / max width 20 m 1 801MS-0250 BXV10AGF - Operator with 24 V motor, featuring a control board with display, on-board radio decoding, movement and obstruction detecting device for gates weighing up to 1,000 kg that are up to 20-m long. WARNING! Includes FROG-A, FROG-AV, FROG-A24. AUTOMATION BT App . Categories. Adobe Reader® or equivalent PDF viewing software are required to read these manuals. Includes TOP 432EV and TOP 434EV. For repairs, adjustments and extraordinary maintenance, CONTACT S.p.A. Our range consists of both Came sliding gate motors and swinging gate motors, and caters for both above ground and underground set-ups. bk series (33 pages), Automation systems for sliding gates (24 pages), Automation systems for sliding gates (18 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals", Connection for Gear Motor, Limit Switch or Encoder, Connections to Warning and Illumination Devices, Connections to Safety Devices (DIR Photocell), Connections for Power Source and Accessories, Electrical Connection for Check of Operating State of the Photocells, Programming of Limit Switches for ZBKE Board, Connection of Two Coupled Gear Motors with Single Control, Installation Procedure of the Transmitter for Remote Control, Gate Opener CAME BK Series Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual, Gate Opener CAME BK-221E Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME BK-221 Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME BK Series Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME BKV Series Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME BKV15AGE Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME BK-1200P Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME G4000 Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME F7000 Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME ATI KIT Installation Instructions Manual, Gate Opener CAME FROG A24 Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME BX-246 Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME V6000 Installation Manual, Gate Opener CAME FA70230CB Installation Manual. that for which it was expressly built for). Important instructions for the safety of people: READ CAREFULLY! Read More → CAME TOP 302A – 304A Manual. Categories. BKV. for sliding gates 00 $390.00 $390.00 Ftl. Popular Products. Gate leaves up to 2m . Instruction Manual for CAME BK Sliding Gate Opener. Add to Cart. Datasheet for CAME FROG series underground gate openers. Any other use is considered dangerous. Manual for CAME … Up to 3500 Kg. The BX-74 operator is designed to power sliding gates in single homes; whereas the BX-78 is also suitable for apartment blocks. Buy CAME BX-246 Sliding Gate Motor from Metalines.com. Unlike the conventional gates, these sliding gate designs simply glide through on a rail, without blocking the road. that for which it was expressly built for). If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, Automation Free UK delivery on orders over £150. Up to 2200 Kg. This is where Sliding gates make a key difference. Guaranteed 24 months if not tampered with. Read More → CAME TOP 432EV – 434EV Manual. Includes FROG-A, FROG-AV, FROG-A24. ). Even if you have uneven ground or a steep slope, sliding gates work like a charm. Manage your operators via Bluetooth tecnology. Versatile infrared, adjustable photocells. Page 2: Read Carefully Warning Sings (e.g. FOR SLIDING GATES English EN 119BS04EN. They are quite easy to install and operate, with very little manual intervention. Sliding Gates; Garage Doors; Industrial Closures ; Gate Automation Garage door and Road Barriers for . At Electric Gate Motors we stock and supply a wide range of Came gate motors so should you need a replacement it is more than likely we can help you. gate plate). Manual for CAME TOP 302A and 304A remote controls. Includes TOP-302A and TOP-304A. AXI. Max Weight: 800kg; ... (a 230v or 3 phase system would need to be opened with a manual release key). Bx. Ftx. Most manuals provided are in the PDF file format. To manage your entire system from your handheld device. Choose from the GateMotors range of Came Gate Motors. Any installation and/or use other than that specified in this manual … CAME Cancelli Automatici manuals. BXV. Bxl. Foreword • Use of the products must be restricted to its intended use (i.e. Download (7.3M) Submit a site survey. Site Survey Form. Gate leaves up to 2.5m. Gate leaves up to 2m. Page 1 AUTOMATION FOR SLIDING GATES FA00127 - EN INSTALLATION MANUAL English BX-74 / BX-78...; Page 2 • This product should only be used for the purpose for which it was explicitly instructions • If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the designed.