He got 1 child together she left the house and go back to her mother house. Technically a mother can deny a father seeing his child but not once the courts are involved. Unless this would place the child at risk then the answer is always no. When we explain the potential stages of private children proceedings to concerned parents, some roll their eyes, sigh, cry and ultima It cost £200 to go to court for a defined contact order and this may be the way you will need to go as this then hopefully stops the mother controlling you. Parents often say to us “my child doesn’t want to see their Mum / Dad”, “they constantly come home upset and tell me that Dad has been saying nasty things about me”, “they’ve told me hundreds of times they want to live with me and not their Mum”. Separated couples exploiting the Covid-19 lockdown to stop an ex-partner from seeing their child could face court action, says a senior judge. The question here is should a mother ever deny the rights of a child to see his/her father. Fathers … Cla80mpw. If this cannot be agreed with their mother, there are steps you can take to secure your rights to see your child. A lot of Dads are now going to court by them selfs as its very expensive to use a solicitor and in April 2013 all legal aid will stop. As a father living in the UK you are entitled to a say in the care of your children. In order to try and help a father in his efforts to see his children it helps first to understand the legal position. The child got hissurnamecan she stop him to see his child ... We need to create petition to sort out this rubbish because no body seem to support father right..in uk Spread the message Mizou - 18-Mar-20 @ 5:15 PM. can i stop my ex seeing our child..he is a drug user . Guest Posted on 27-01-2013 at 9.11PM . However, it is important to understand the law regarding child access before you decide what to do. One of the most common questions we are asked is; ‘can my ex stop me from seeing my children?’ In short, your ex cannot legally stop you from having access to your children, unless a court has decided it will be of detriment to your child’s welfare.