Unlike regular crossword puzzles, cryptic crosswords encourage us to think outside of the box with word play. Getting stuck is all part of the learning curve, and Arkadium's Reveal button is always around to lend a helping hand. Cryptic clues can be hard for beginners to get their head around. Cryptic crossword puzzles are widely considered the ultimate challenge for lovers of wordplay. This page is a beginners' guide to cryptic crossword clues for those who are learning or wish to get into this exciting form of puzzle. Cryptic crossword puzzles can appear daunting at first, but once you get stuck in you'll really start to enjoy all the fun this word game has to offer. The vast majority of clues rely on the same set of basic tricks, and often use the same sort of words to indicate what trick is at work, so learning to solve a cryptic crossword is a lot like learning a new language. Cryptic crosswords for beginners: doctors Next in our collection of tips and tricks: references to physicians of all kinds – and even Liam Fox Helen Mirren receives an … Cryptic crosswords are undoubtedly my favorite sort of pencil-and-paper puzzle, but they’re unfortunately very hard to get into at first. One of our favourite challenges to give to our older students is a good old cryptic crossword clue. They are highly entertaining and highly addictive! A beginner's introduction to cryptic crosswords - and a competition!