After the final battle, Adora arrives to expel Horde Prime from Hordak's body, banishing him forever. She then surprises him by coming right back in and starts to question and put together what he was trying to do. Skills Lord Hordak (by his minions)Lab Partner (Entrapta)Little Brother (Horde Prime) Catra finds him sitting alone in his sanctum with the remaining pieces of the portal. When she tried lying about Shadow Weavers' escape, Hordak ultimately subjected Catra to his atmosphere alteration device as punishment. Scorpia also says that her family gave Hordak the Black Garnet, implying she was alive when this happened. Hordak can be a rather open individual, but thus far is only willing to speak freely with Entrapta. Despite overdoing it which causes his arm to hurt him, he is shown to be very pleased with her work and newfound strength. Entrapta reminding Hordak that she is the one who helped him after he insults her and refuses to tell her what he's doing. Double Trouble acts as though this was all Hordak's doing and says he was an amazing actor for pretending to be hurt by Entrapta's betrayal all this time. Shadow Weaver and Hordak did not have any contact after that. This accounts for his desire to remain in his own quarters, and why he rejects its visitors. When stating she could never understand his work as she's from a backwater planet, she is not only offended but demands he tells her everything. Entrapta (girlfriend)Imp (former pet)Shadow Weaver (formerly) The Rebellion Catra He becomes angry with Shadow Weaver for her insubordination but gives Catra increased power as her victories add up, eventually making her his second-in-command and imprisoning Shadow Weaver. It is implied the two formed a romantic relationship after the battle. Unknown to him, the suit contains a crystal with First Ones writing, which spells out "LUVD" (Loved). He reiterates their mission is to destroy the Princesses of Etheria and their "ridiculous" Rebellion. Now it looks like Hordak and Entrapta will be best buds, even if it makes some of the princesses a little apprehensive. He tells Entrapta that anyone who believes she is a failure (as she claims herself to be, although she seems to mean it in a positive way) are fools. After Horde Prime is expelled from his body and destroyed by Adora, he reunites with Entrapta and is implied to form a romantic relationship with her after the events of the series. Media Information Hordak finding out Entrapta wasn't at Bright Moon. A time frame around when the crash occurred isn't explicitly mentioned, but it has been increasingly implied to be rather recent. The two are last seen walking together with her arms around his, talking and laughing together as Mermista questions their relationship. First in shock and even sadness before his emotions quickly change to rage. Later on, Hordak is having his armor removed and is unaware that Entrapta came back to talk to him. When Shadow Weaver offers to track down and bring Adora back to the Fright Zone, Hordak refuses. Hordak would remain silent at her statement and the two would smile at each other before Catra and Scorpia return from Crimson Waste. It doesn't take long for Catra and other members to see that Entrapta has become his favourite. More She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki. However, when Hordak and Adora start talking and he falls to his knees due to pain again, Entrapta immediately drops the sword to rush to his side. He is shown to have the ability to record and play audio. She reminds him of what he was able to accomplish without her help such as building an empire and he doesn't need a princess in his life telling him what to do. With the portal ready, Hordak could now open it but seems to be distracted and even hesitant after hearing about Entrapta. After discovering this and now believing Entrapta is dead, he searches for Catra and is determined to destroy her, even if it results in destroying parts of the Fright Zone in the process. However they're all friends and will do the best they can to support them. Although we see that in this new version at the beginning it seems that he does not like it for taking Hordak's six-sided hex driver. It's likely Imp has done this before as Hordak does not seem entirely surprised by this and is mostly annoyed (and embarrassed) as he continues to say her name. Catra lies, saying yes, and this makes Hordak angry, telling Catra that, through Imp, he already knew of Shadow Weaver's escape. Later, he began to tolerate it and even appreciate her presence and take care for her. During the events of Season One, Hordak and Entrapta have very little interactions but he accepts her into the Horde since she was a skilled scientist and was impressed with her work on the Black Garnet and knowledge of First Ones' tech. While he laughs at the fact he has yet to see her, most likely believing she's hiding from him, he is still shown to care about her despite his anger and is only staying on the front lines because he wants to see her. In Season Four, he is shown to be affected and deeply hurt by her "betrayal" as he is quick to rage at the mention of her name. When Shadow Weaver proclaims that Adora is the only viable candidate for Force Captain, Hordak points out Catra. Current He tells Shadow Weaver to take the baby Adora away, as he is clearly irritated by her crying. Instead of arguing or telling her they must hurry, Hordak smiles at Entrapta as she smiles back at him. In "The Battle of Bright Moon", after Catra came closer to destroying Bright Moon than anyone before her, Hordak was so impressed that he made Catra his new second-in-command. Heart Part 2 Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. However, he loses the fight and his crystal is taken away by Catra. When Catra fails to give him Entrapta's recordings, he furiously pushes everything off the table. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Double Trouble was pleased to see the reaction they got from Hordak. When Catra lies about Entrapta betraying him he is quick to feel rage and doubts Catra before she reminds him that Entrapta was a princess, meaning he never should have trusted her as she would only use him. Shadow Weaver claims she now hates Hordak and the Horde, wanting nothing more than their destruction, after they were going to send her to Beast Island. The two were not reunited in Season Five as Imp was taken in by Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle while Hordak was in space with Horde Prime. Entrapta is relieved to see Hordak is remembering her and the two share a moment before Swift Wind comes in to protect Entrapta, thinking she was going to be attacked.