The Myth of Epsom Salt Use in the Garden. With the increased consumer interest in managing gardens and landscapes sustainably, products are likewise being marketed as safe and natural. 8 Responses to "Epsom Salt Benefits: Fact or Myth?" MYTH: Epsom salts are a must for great tomatoes. This new course on understanding soil is designed to go in-depth in helping you navigate this vital living ecosystem. Use them in every garden. Epsom Salt for plants has been touted as a cure all for many things in the garden. In an attempt to go organic, many articles on the use of organic materials in gardening are constantly being published on the internet these days which lay claim on their usefulness. It is not the wildly beneficial fertilizer everyone claims but it can cause much more harm than good. Plants grown with Epsom salts are taller, greener, better! The myth of the incredible power of Epsom Salt has grown furiously in the last few years. Some say they make tomatoes grow better. She’s really did a great job explaining it way better than me. 1 Epsom Salts. This may be the most-shared garden myth of all time. Many of these claims, however, are not even based on scientific research. They make roses bloom bigger! Epsom Salt for plants is a garden myth I have wanted to debunk for a long time. Los Angeles Homicide Tally Hits 300 November 24, 2020; NFL Week 11 Recap … Let's find out! Busting Myths On Epsom Salts And Gardening. Epsom salt has long been touted as a preventative for blossom end rot, as a treatment for pest control, as an aid for encouraging rose blooms, and as a fertilizer — but are any of these claims true? Garden aficionados know that vibrant, productive gardens start with healthy, nutrient-rich soil. Recent Posts. Read More: Are Epsom Salts Good for Plants? November 17, 2020 November 12, 2020 by Alice George. The Facts About Using Epsom Salt On Plants. This article will explain why you should not use Epsom Salt in your home garden! Here is a brief look at the science behind Epsom Salt in the garden, and why it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. From a horticulture Professor from Washington State University, she’s written a downloadable article for you to read and print out for your garden journal on the myths of using Epsom salt on your garden. REALITY: If you have done a soil test and your soil … There are so many claims about the powers of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). Use them in every garden.