We have to stop Gaia! This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Grandia for PlayStation. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more! Language (Beta) × български Català Čeština Furthermore, Gaia has tentacle-like appendages that resemble the roots of a plant, which allow it to spread its corruption across the world, destroying anything in their path. Curiously, Gaia no longer has the two eyes its previous form had. You must be logged in with an active forum account to post comments. We know you hate something. Gaia is the evil monster that destroy the Angelou civilization. The defeat of the Evil Gaia incarnation chronicles the end of Baal's avarice for infinite power and perpetual destruction. Justin and his friends pursued Baal, and arrived just in time to fight Baal, who is revealed to be at one with Gaia, once again, but they were too late; Gaia awakens from his thousand-year slumber and begins to terrorize the world once again. Later that night, however, the Garlyle Forces besiege Cafu in an attempt to steal the Gaia Seed back from the party. With this sword, he is going to destroy the Gaia from its inside. Miscellaneous [2] Menu. He'll die so fast. The result is that the power of the spirits were mutated and became manifested in a perverted form: Gaia. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. After fighting a heavily mutated Baal again, the party finally reaches the strange core of Gaia. It is resurrected by Baal and the world is under threat once again. With this sword, he is going to destroy the Gaia from its inside. Beat the first Gaia. Grandia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Feena soon follows, leaving Baal to relish the moment of acquiring the final piece of the Spirit Stone. Overworld Maps . We know that all humans were born to hate what is richer than ourselves and strive to TAKE it. It is encountered inside Gaia itself, the final dungeon of the game. In its third, and final, form, Gaia hatches from its pupa and grows into a truly monstrous beast, resembling both a plant and an insect. In the chamber, Justin vows that humans will never rely on the power and light of the Spirit Stone, instead going through life with their own light. Baal is defeated, but he reveals the strange growth in place of his right arm underneath his cloak. Evil Gaia is the post-final boss in Grandia and the final form of the Gaia entity derived from General Baal. Leen is knocked out by a tentacle, however, so the party is forced to fight another Gaia Battler when it appears. Through Baal's voice, Gaia utters "We know you... we know you want something. Justin brandishes the Spirit Sword, asking the Spirits to walk together with humans in left, and destroys the Spirit Stone. The party's next encounter is even stranger, with the Abandoned Village of Laine. Grandia Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Justin attempts to break the console controlling the growth of Gaia, however, the plan backfires as Gaia reacts to the presence of the final piece of the Spirit Stone and it begins to experience a rapid growth. Justin retaliates, saying that humans were never born to do such things, that they were meant to open a new path together. Rapp gives them a tour of the old, abandoned village of Cafu, which has since been utterly petrified, some of its old inhabitants included. The party pre-emptively arrives in Zil Padon in order to evacuate the city, but they are once again too late: Gaia's roots attack and lay waste to the town. In the deepest part of the village, which resembles the innards of a fully evolved Gaia, the party engages its second Gaia Battler. Before defeating the Core at the end, recover your SP and MP. It is implied that the Spirit Stone lies behind this singular eye. Gaia retreats back to the Icarian City, where it begins its preparations for its final evolution. Congratulation, you've completed the game and kicked Gaia's ass ! The town was in shambles, but the survivors vowed to rebuild the city under the guidance of the Mogay. https://grandia.fandom.com/wiki/Gaia?oldid=18562. Gaia's influence effected Laine much in the same way its influence effected Cafu, though to a much greater and more twisted degree. Mullen comments that, not only has humanity and the world been freed from a "web of evil," but Gaia has been freed as well. Gaia quickly laid waste to the once-great civilization of Angelou, and it was only because of the sacrifice of two Icarian twin sisters that Gaia was sealed away for a millenium, before the Garlyle Forces would attempt to unleash its horrifying power once again. And this is when we're normally supposed to visit this part of the Savanna and take care of the Tower of Temptation. In its first form, Gaia is nothing more than a dormant life form within a shell, awaiting the day it would awaken. The village, no longer resembling anything of the earth, resembles a twisted alternate dimension more than anything. Its wings have fully grown, with the exception of its bottom-left wing, which was presumably destroyed due to Leen's sacrifice. They engaged another Gaia Battler, but the fight is cut short due to Leen eradicating it before they party got the chance to fight it. In there is the complete Spirit Stone, Baal, and Gaia, just moments away from hatching. Even if you were to take all the riches that are left in the world your greed will NEVER be satisfied." Baal attempted to dispose of Justin, but failed, and engaged Justin in combat instead. Portraits. After it all, Gaia loses all of its insect-like characteristics, now only looking like a large, bountiful tree. Grandia introduces a very inventive gameplay system, and the combat system in particular is very well setup. and Howl, but if you got past the first form, the occasional 20-damage hit really shouldn't be an issue for you. Justin had received a new power in the form of Spirit Sword. It is encountered inside Gaia itself, the final dungeon of the game. During the time of Angelou, humans became envious of the power granted to the Icarians through the Spirit Stone and tried to wield the stone's power themselves. Justin calls upon Rapp to help him investigate the potential cause found in the Tower of Doom, and after befriending yet another unruly teenager, Milda, they discover the source of the cause: a strange growth the Garlyle Forces call Gaia. Leen reveals herself to be an Icarian and, in a flash of light, disappears with the Gaia Seed. —– When it’s done, Evil Gaia will appear. Gaia Core, Mega Gaia & Evil Gaia. Later on, during the events on the Granduer, Justin engaged Baal in order to save Feena. After its growth finished, Gaia spread its seeds all across the world, corrupting all monsters that they touch. Game: Grandia. Battle Backgrounds #4. Deeper within the village are some of its old inhabitants, trapped in floating crystals. Evil Gaia is the post-final boss in Grandia and the final form of the Gaia entity derived from General Baal. Return to Game. Gaia is then purified in a dazzling spectacle of lights. Non-Playable Characters [1] Saki, Nana, & Mio (Overworld) Enemies [1] Gaia Core, Mega Gaia & Evil Gaia.