IMAGES. Im guessing theyre gonna have to somehow make the save system work, maybe by seperate files? I tried it today and got the F-Zero X EK running with: The graphics are not perfect, but I find it's quite playable this way. If you want to use it: mame.exe n64dd -nodrc (-cart ) -quickload. Im kindof rusty and this site is kindof glitchy on posting stuff soo i dont know....especially cause my track making has advanced to objects and levels, Well in this new combo version I'm pretty sure all the old codes won't work, we need someone to help ; ). I'm sure you all know about the F-Zero X track editor project, right? Nintendo really missed some opportunities with the virtual console to re-release these obscure games and profit from it, but they failed to actualize the VC's true potential. Any idea what I'm doin' wrong? It was made for the 64drive in mind. Most of the content added by the F-Zero X Expansion Kit, released on the ill-fated Nintendo 64DD in Japan, is actually present in the main game and merely enabled by the Expansion Kit. Unfortunalty I don't have a 64drive and I did not manage to make any of the 64dd disks to cart convert work on emulator despite trying with the last build. Said "Bad ROM?" All zoinkity did was scramble all the files so they're out of order and put in stupid doge meme pictures. Never type crap down during dusk 'til dawn or when you're drowsy, otherwise you'll misread something and regret it. Zoinkity and Luigiblood did a very good job making that F-Zero XP combo working on the 64 drive and on emulators. I would recommend using either GLide64 (Capital-L is intentional) or angrylion's (if you have a high-end PC) video plugins just to get the textures and the transitioning a tad bit accurate (I didn't like Jabo's plugins one bit since they make the game look like a mess). Now just set the emulator up to your liking and you're ready to go. Then go to Config:[Platform Code] (F-Zero X Expansion Kit's Platform Code is "NUD-EFZJ-JPN") and change the memory size to 8MB. I know Nintendo frowns upon emulation, as does F-Zero Central, but I feel an exception should be made for two F-Zero games released only in Japan on obscure formats. I forgot to mention, but the English translated combo is out, it's based on the US version. Sorry you can't save EK content. They did it, finally people can play F-Zero X with the expansion kit on a single rom, that's both pretty amazing and a bit sad. This is one situation where emulation is probably the best option. But they weren't supported by anything else. Translation is possible no doubt, most of the level and machine editor GFX/texts are in the US version of the game so using them will be easy, building a full US version of the combo changing all the japanese texts from the rom to English will be harder for many reasons. i havent tried saving a track actually on the 64 drive but ill give it ago later. And useless shit, I might add. The 64DD is a magnetic disk drive peripheral for the Nintendo 64 game console developed by Nintendo.It was announced in 1995, prior to the Nintendo 64's 1996 launch, and after numerous delays was released only in Japan on December 1, 1999. F-Zero X USA succeed to load Expansion Kit JPN 64DD - YouTube Press J to jump to the feed. The ROM provided is a patched version of F-Zero X with the Jack and Queen cups replaced with the DD-1 and DD-2 cups from the expansion. 64DD is actually emulated, but only MESS (or now MAME) does it and you need to "convert" 64DD dumps to another format. I kinda knew that, considering you gave a lot of credit to Zoinks, so at least there's honesty in the emulation scene after all. Every 64DD Rom should be set for 8MB Memory Size). if thats possible? It's not anti-ED64 code. Emulator: project64-git-20150530 (x86 version; couldn't get video/audio plugins working on the x64 version), Video plugin: the Jabo plugin that came with the emulator, Audio plugin: azimers-hle-audio-plugin-git-20150529. Zoinkity said that he will make an english version of the game, let see how he"ll do it, I don't have much time for this these days anyway and I think he can do that very well, after all he made so many things possible with n64 games, he created patches, made the Aleck 64 games run on the console and the list goes on and on ... After checking into that F-Zero XP combo rom I found out that I can also make a full F-Zero X Climax mod with it, may be someday. GLideN64 and angrylion (especially for Polygon Studio) are recommended for 64DD conversions. I just tried it on my 64drive flashcart and cant believe how flawless it works! I dont know if i should link to the forums of the news or not,I would link to but apparently the site is down. I don't even have his skills and he ended up helping me a lot about other 64DD things like the disk dumper that I made with marshallh. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Zoinkity managed to port Expansion Kit for the US version and translated it. Did you try on emulator ? Should you get an error message, go to settings. You can almost play all games, some N64 emulation problems get in the way like for Talent Studio., Thanks for posting these! First of all, he DID translate stuff. His anti ED64 code didn't even work and was cracked. NVM about #3, it now says "F-ZERO X + Expansion Kit (J) [CART HACK]". $ADD390 is a text doge. You may need to check "Render frame buffer as texture" if you want to play Paint Studio. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Using GLide64 (it's the only plugin that can render the textures and transition screen correctly on my end) and Azimer's HLE Plugin. It should have been recognized properly, especially with all the settings like "AllowROMWrites" which can't be messed with via the GUI so you can actually make new courses and play them! Weird. It's even sadder when PC gamers are using ZSNES when they very well could use bsnes/higan accuracy core unless they want something that wouldn't bog their CPU down (pro-tip: close unnesscary programs, why don'cha). This program is a self-contained Windows executable that can load any version (North American, Japanese or European/PAL) of the F-Zero X ROM in either format (byte-swapped V64 or normal binary Z64) and allow you to configure the cups to your every whim; including the ability to add the Expansion Kit tracks in for play. I hope you get that difference, because that's a fact, and you said it yourself. Then go to Config: [Platform Code] (F-Zero X Expansion Kit's Platform Code is "NUD-EFZJ-JPN") and change the memory size to 8MB. Project 64 Save states do work tho soo there is that at least! I wonder if this brings me back for more gameshark hacking?! You can almost play all games, some N64 emulation problems get in the way like for Talent Studio. Fzeroman, did you notice something wrong with the save using your 64 drive ? Hi, I'm just gonna bump this thread for some information. Apparently the news is a month old but new dumps for 64dd games have been made available! I havent succeeded in using emulators yet either. I added the name in the RDB config! I don't have the flashcart to test it, and I do recall the EverDrive64 not being compatible with these roms. Once you do that, try to play the 64DD roms right away (it should say something like "Bad ROM?"). I actually have nothing to do with 64DD conversions other than hosting them (on a server that's not even mine) and making them compatible on Project64. ;/. This is even true for the US version, which didn't get the Expansion Kit. If you can find the site, you'll see a download link for F-Zero X Expansion Kit.