International flights: Status check on airlines’ operations as countries lift Covid-19 lockdown International Flights Resumption: Flight operations have resumed in Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, and some Pacific island nations while India has formed air bubbles with US, Germany and France Making your next career change is easy; after you register with us, our job alerts will send you top positions from our extensive database so you never miss an opportunity again. The Havana international airport has resumed flight operations after remaining closed for more than seven months in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in Cuba. Therefore, limits on pitch and bank angles must be prescribed and it is preferable that ground clearance limits are outside the performance limits required for safe aircraft performance. International Flight Information Manual International Aviation Safety Assessments Program ( IASA ) Maximum Age Limits for Foreign Air Carrier Pilots: modifying U.S. Operations Specifications ( PDF ) However, domestic flight operations to/from Islamabad International Airport for Gilgit and Skardu Airport would continue as per normal operations, the statement read. International flight operations have not resumed yet during the Covid-19 lockdown period. On Sunday, a plane carrying passengers from Miami landed at the Jose Marti International Airport, marking the first since the suspension, reports Xinhua news agency. OPSGROUP members share new changes and dangers in international flight operations with each other. International Flights Latest News: Delta Air Lines said it would be the first passenger flight to resume services between the US and China. We have the latest listings from leading hirers in the aviation industry - register free and enhance your career today. Airport authorities have expressed their readiness to reopen the nation’s airspace in … During flight operations close to the ground, adequate clearance between aircraft components and the ground must be maintained. The Federal Government has commenced the process of gradual resumption of international flight operations which were suspended as part of measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19. View our range of Flight Operations Jobs at FlightJobs.