I usually add confectioners’ sugar at the last minute before serving because the moisture in a baked good will usually cause the sugar to melt right into the cake. A dusting of confectioners’ sugar is a great way to finish off a cake or a batch of cookies before serving them. Whatever you want to use your confectioners’ sugar (or Icing sugar) for, there is a close replacement or alternative for it that you can use when icing cakes or any recipe that calls for sugar powder. 859 views. Apple And Mincemeat Tart. Icing sugar dusting. 1123 views. I guess that "dusting" is the operative word here. Keep the action light and repeat with a light dusting until the shapes are all covered. OXO Good Grips Dusting Wand For a nifty way to sift, this little wand is just the trick! Recipes / Icing sugar dusting (1000+) Caramelised Citrus Tart With Dark Berry Ice Cream. This bit takes a little practice, to get the right control over the amount of Icing Sugar that falls. Scoop up your ingredients in the solid half, twist to bring the perforated half into play then turn over to evenly dust cakes with icing sugar or cappuccinos with cinnamon before returning any excess ingredients with ease. white flour plus extra for dusting, 75 gm icing sugar… Onwon Powder Sugar Shaker with Lid - Stainless Steel Fine Mesh Shaker Cinnamon Icing Sugar Powder Cocoa Flour Chocolate Coffee Sifter Sprinkler Dredgers for Coffee Cappuccino Latte 4.5 out of … Step 5 – Very gently shake the Icing Sugar loaded sieve over the stencil, letting it fall over all of the cut out shapes of the stencil. 2 x limes frzn for 2 hrs, 125 gm granulated sugar icing sugar to dust. Icing sugar or confectioners sugar as it’s also known in the US can have multiple uses. Powdered sugar substitute can be made at home easily when you run out of sugar powder. Firstly it can be used for lightly dusting your work surface, this allows you to roll out your icing, fondant or sugarpaste ensuring that it doesn’t stick to it. I can imagine that if you were dredging something in powdered sugar (like mexican wedding cakes) you might taste something different, I don't know.