Rohit: I’m not sure about it. Waiter: Why a donkey? What’s the point of using a mask if it’s not filtering the harmful pollutants? Rohit: Got it. Mahesh: Nothing much. Few more hard days to go. AQI in good category seems to be a distant dream. Let’s hope for the best and get ready for the next one, chemistry. Farmer: It eats grass. Things have come to such a pass that we heave a sigh of relief when the AQI moves from very poor to poor category. Do you foresee any abatement in pollution levels in near future, say this winter? So, go through till the end if you are ready to laugh out loud! All the best for your next exam. Rohit: Air purifiers. Rohit: I’m fine too. Valves help you exhale easily, especially when you’re out of breath after walking fast or climbing stairs, and prevent buildup of moisture. Man: (Cried) Officer! So. She is just 30 Suddenly the ECG started beeping, a hand moved and her lips mumbled. I was reading in the newspaper the other day that India has the dubious distinction of most deaths because of pollution and most of them are attributed to air pollution. Boy: look at this, my watch can glow in the dark. What do you say? Mahesh: Well, English has never been my forte, and I found even parts of grammar to be challenging, besides the usual culprit – reading comprehension. Guy: Very soon. Teacher: Anyone who thinks he’s stupid may stand up! It grips most of North India. Terrorist: We are planning to kill 14 thousand people and a donkey. Vehicular pollution can be controlled by taking the fuel-inefficient, polluting old vehicles off the roads, but will it happen. Interviewer: Oh, and the brown one? 1st girl: Hi, my name is moon…. Rohit: The guest house is located on a small hillock overlooking the backwaters of a dam. Thanks for this awesome post,I was looking for this from a long time…. No comments!! Worth Of Read - A Blog Which Worth To Read. Rohit: I’ve been thinking about going out on a picnic since the last weekend. And she spoke: I’m not 30, I’m just 29. Rohit: It’s not like what you’ll get on a coastline, but it’s awesome considering the fact that it’s so close to us. So are you thinking of making the transition in near future? If you need I can put you in touch with few friends who can help you finalize your future industry. Interviewer (now annoyed): Why do you keep asking which one when the answers are the same? Teacher: No Student: Okay! Grandson: nowadays it is difficult. Rohit: I think it’ll be marginal at best. Interviewer: Introduce yourself Boy: My father’s name is Laughing Boy: My mother’s name is Smiling Interviewer: Are you kidding? Mr. Bean: (Gives $1 to Einstein). Police: You’re such a materialistic person. I’m 80-90 percent sure I’ll go with digital marketing as the industry to reskill in, but in the next 2-3 weeks I’ll take more opinions on other options, after all I wouldn’t want to change the industry again. Rohit: Thanks. Now it’s your turn. Anyway, we’ve to manage in whatever time we have. In fact, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of smaller cities such as Gwalior, Agra, and Lucknow often gets worse than Delhi’s, and they don’t get the same coverage in the national media as big cities such as Delhi do. When will you marry? So amazing and interesting, I love reading your post and it makes me feel reading over again. I think it’s a good idea. (All boys told their different names but the hobby was same) New Teacher: Good, all boys have the same hobby, Now its girl’s turn. Let’s get back to study. Salesgirl: Sir we sell condoms too. Moreover, would you want to run them for so many hours every day and for so many months? Rohit: True. Boy: (calls 911) Hello, I need your help! Mahesh: It’s really terrible, especially in winter months. My Rolex watch! John: Do you have a girlfriend Harry? Learn how your comment data is processed. Mahesh: You’ve summed the state of affairs quite well. Thanks so much. I need to keep the job, as I’ve EMIs to pay. Mr. Bean: What is the animal that has 4 legs, and when he crosses a street he only has 2 legs, and when he goes back, he has 5 legs? In 2015, a staggering 2.5 + million people died in India because of pollution. Anything else on pollution masks? very good friend , I really very enjoined these jokes. Boy 1: Can a woman make you a millionaire? Farmer: Grass. All rights reserved. Mahesh: That will be awesome. In the end, I left questions worth 10 marks unattempted. If you want to learn how such conversations pan out in other situations, you may have a look at following conversations: Mahesh: I can’t cope up with my manager. You know that the telecom industry is going through a rough patch because of falling prices and shrinking margins. Do you know persons in the industry who can help me land interviews? John: Bro I’ve invited 17 people to watch a movie, would you come? Farmer: Because, the black one’s mine. Outdoors would be great. There is forest all around that area, and on the next day we can loiter around. Girl: okay (grasping) Boy: can you turn off the lights? For sure, we won’t see as many 95+ marks in English this year. You’ll get perfect solitude in the area. If you can’t answer my question, you will give me $1, and if I can’t answer your question, I will give you $1000 Mr. Bean: Okay Einstein: (Gives Mr. Bean a hard question) Mr. Bean: (Give $1 to Einstien) Einstein: Okay, now your turn. guests ordering food in a restaurant and a fast food chain, patient consulting a doctor on different ailments. When will you die? In such situations, these kinds of humor dialogues and funny conversations surely change their mindset and keep them energetic. John: Because the DVD said “Only 18+ viewers.” Bro: Wait, what? Rohit and Mahesh come out of the examination hall after finishing English paper. Rohit: What have you been thinking, if you can share? But, yes, I’m also struggling to get enough time for revision. Applicant: Gurmeet Ram and from India Interviewer: Sex? If it’s really funny, I surely add that up with this post. Farmer: A couple of liters per day. Interviewer: No, no… I mean male or female? Teacher: Can you see God? Mahesh: Not too bad, overall. Mahesh: Yes, unusually long. Harry: From a different nation John: Oh really? Mahesh: That’s right. I’ve been reading about some of these issues about your industry in the newspapers. I wish I had timed myself better. Movies. 911: Alright, What is it? What’s the matter? Let’s ask few more friends. Mahesh: I agree with your points, but I think citizens too have some role in curbing pollution. And once I finalize the industry, I’ll explore different options to reskill while keeping my current job. Student: No Teacher: Then there is no God Student: Ma’am can you see your brain? What activities we can take to there? It’s relatively remote and just three-hour drive. The Black one or the brown one? Mahesh: I am, but the route of sending resumes and cover letters has so far not yielded much. Years? 1. Mahesh: I realize that, and I’ve been leaning toward digital marketing because in that industry I can carry over some of my skills from the current job. Rohit: You’ve a point. Mahesh: You’re right. A policeman arrives. Guy: 25 Relative: it’s an age of marriage, son. Rohit: How is your preparation for the exam going on? Once we’ve people in, we can pool in different resources – food, vehicle, and other items. Rohit: Your choice makes sense. Rohit: That’s the right approach, but you need to reskill yourself for the industry you’re targeting. Can we study chemistry together, at least the organic part? Girl: OK Boy: can we close the window? Thanks again. We can carry the raw material, but we can get confirmation only when we reach there. But more importantly, the cheap ones aren’t as effective as the N99 I’m using in filtering the pollutants. We were leaving for a movie on a Saturday morning (around 10). Write the funny dialogues or conversations you came across in your life in the comment box below. Another reason for this inclination is that digital marketing requires far less hardcore technical skills, which will make it relatively easier for me to acquire new skills. He is still celebrating. To print the lesson on a conversation between 4 people having a conversation at the doctors surgery right click on a white space and choose print. Mahesh: They do, but they aren’t affordable for everyone. I’ll let you know. These are some funny friendship quotes and sayings that may remind you of the kind of relationship you have with your closest friends. Good to find you people having fun. Applicant: No, no! Rohit: Sure. To be honest, I’m not too worried about firecrackers because their effect is only for few days. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.