My front door deadbolt lock is hard to unlock and open when I put the key in and turn. I can unlock the door if I try a few times but the key has a difficult time turning as the deadbolt is sticky. Turn the down travel adjustment dial counterclockwise, about 1/4 of a full turn. However, if you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder turns, it is a sign that you have a bigger door lock problem at hand that needs to be addressed. Slide the key in the lock and tap lightly on the key to lubricate the inside of the lock. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Many sectional garage doors have a lock-catch mechanism, also known as a lock latch, that operates using a T-handle. While keeping others out is the goal, from time to time a sticky lock can lock can hold a small child in or prevent you from opening the door. Holy fuck, go buy a new fucking lock you lazy cheap bastard. How to Install a Vanity Light Fixture With a Mounting Plate & an Extension Bar, How to Install the Handle on a Murray Push Mower, Overhead Door: Residential Sectional Garage Door Installation Instructions -- Handle and Lock Actuator Assembly Installation, Clopay Door: “T” Snap-Latch Lock Assembly Instructions, Removing the T-Handle From a Garage Door Lock, How to Replace a Light Switch Wall Outlet. You could also try using "lock Ease" or graphite powder to lubricate the lock. If you place your key into your door lock cylinder, and turn it, you should be able to lock or unlock your door. Grip the handle of the pliers, pull the cable toward the T-handle and release tension on the cable. I have an external garage, with a manual overhead door (no powered opener). Check that the lock button on the main door control isn’t activated. Proceed to the next step if the lock catch doesn't latch as it should. This means that you have to get out of the car when you get home, unlock the door … It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. Pull the handle away from the face of the door and spray a generous amount of lubricant on the inner mechanism. There is no side access door. Your key is worn out and not moving all the pins enough for the lock cylinder to move. Fit locking pliers securely onto the outer end of one of the cables. Spray lubricant into the openings and seams on each of the latch mechanisms at the outer sides of the door. There are two simple things that you can try to make the knob work properly again. I can unlock the door if I try a few times but the key has a difficult time turning as the deadbolt is sticky. Repeat this at the other cable. He studied architecture at Taft Junior College. Garage door key lock won’t turn I’m looking for help / advice on how to fix or if i just replace this door handle lock for my garage. When you "jiggle" the key you are bumping the pins into place. After the recent winter, I tried opening the garage again, and the handle will not turn. Be sure the garage door, opener, and springs are in good repair, properly lubricated, adjusted, and balanced. Fit the handle into place and tighten the screws. The lock is below the handle, separate from it. Enter the garage by the side door, then you can open the main door using the internal handle; you can continue to use the door this way until you have the lock and or handle connection repaired. Press J to jump to the feed. Disconnect the garage door opener and use a manual latch to lock the door. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Find the Chamberlain garage door opener technical support you need to get your garage door opener operational. We have been going through our garage door to get in the house because of this. Key won’t work in the lock? Close the garage door. Check the opening/closing "Force" controls; Door will only run closed: Turn off the Sure Lock aka "vacation mode" on the wall console Check if limits are properly set; Check the door balance, condition, and door spring Tighten any loose nuts on the brackets, using a nut driver. It is an old T-handle type of lock.