This is my list for Araumi so far, if you want to take a look. Gilded Drake has gotten a ton better with cards like Kinnan, Breacher, and OP Agent being powerful options for any deck, often especially ones outside of the colors. You don't play Grand Abolisher to protect your agent, you play it to protect your tutors from being blown out by an incoming opposing agent. Flying When Gilded Drake comes into play, exchange control of Gilded Drake and up to one target creature an opponent controls. Helm of Possession targetting a creature I won, but do not control. This site © 2020, LLC The decks we mostly tested were the following: Najeela, T&T, Tasigur, Kenrith, Yisan, Zur, Kess, Ikra/Kraum, Tymna/Kraum, Golos, Akiri/Thrasios, Heliod, Maralen, K'rrik, Tinybones, Godo, Brago, Sygg, Anje, Tharr, Rielle, Gitrog, Vannifar, Chulane, Korvold, Pako, Elsha, Ukkima, Yidris, Thrasios/Smasher, Tymna/Tana, 5c Sisay, 1st Sliver, Oona. I'm a fan of how budget this list is so far, Araumi is definitely a great commander for a budget list... Gonti does work, by the way -- the copies die, but you still get all their ETB effects. None of these steal the creature, but in my opinion the greater strength isn’t stealing. | IN 1 FOLDER. This ability still resolves if its target becomes illegal. If your friends love mind-control cards like Gilded Drake, Homeward Path is great choice :D Isnt that $ cheap, but helps a lot. It also trades with an agent, just in case :P, Aether Vial in your Gilded Drake to take their agent after they assembled the lock seems like a hilarious, hard-to-answer solution too xD, jaymc1130 Tbh flash sorta sucks in an OP Agent meta xD. Honestly I'd save up for the Drake because a) Reserve List and b) insane. It takes another one of itself and now you have to deal with two, the second being able to be flashed in from a nearly impossible-to-interact-with zone, for 3 generic this time, coming in at whatever point is most detrimental. This ability still resolves if its target becomes illegal. Path to Exile as well as Swords to Plowshares off will quite possibly be run a lot more together, and actually is really good of you and an opponent have OP Agents out, so you can remove theirs and steal a land simultaneously. in the upcoming months I will list thousands of German cards. Nothing does exactly what Gilded Drake does. ), Chulane, Teller of Tales: The NeverEnding Story What happens if I flicker Gilded Drake before the ability resolves? Clone it, and... it gets ugly. by Tiphus. More than 10 available. If you don't or can't make an exchange, sacrifice Gilded Drake. I hope my list inspires you! The ability to stop all draws on opponents' turns and just 1 draw per each player's draw step is pretty impressive. Terms of Use | In a deck with [[ephara]], [[mistmeadow witch]], [[eldrazi displacer]], [[venser the sojourner]], gilded drake has a lot of additional upsides, A high resolution color print in front of a card in a sleeve is functionally identical, Speak with ur playgroup maybe everyone have one of this "pls lemme proxie" it Card - I would like to run a Crypt in every deck :'D, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Fair point otherwise, but that would be how I'd do it. Azdranax well, it's powerful enough I have actually wanted to do a bunch of testing, and for the last ~38 games it's been greatly impactful, and we have optimized the best play pattern being attempting to find more copies of OA with the first OA. [[Chromshell Crab]] is probably what I would use. by Forkbeard, GG Boiz, get smackt! Clipboard (0 Cards) Card Kingdom: $0.00. Size – 8.8cm x 6.3cm, Fit perfectly into KMC perfect fit sleeve Card can only be use for kitchen table magic, proxy for deck testing, cube / EDH … I'm guessing that I'll have to do some heavy trading and get me that Gilded Drake then, cause none of the other suggestions really fit in with the strategy I'm going for. To Drown the World in Death: Araumi EDH [PRIMER]. With these, we saw an increase in winrate by 22% for players that resolve an Agent, and anyone who resolved multiple agents (or stolen them through the use of Gilded Drake) had a 100% winrate. Foil / Non Foil Handmade Customised altered art / proxy card made from real Magic the Gathering card with MTG back available for purchase. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Edit: Trophy&path are may abilities, so it's not a free card.