A toast to this delicious cake-coated Toasted Almond frozen dessert bar. CLICK HERE to see where you can find them in stores! Good Humor reminds you of the sound of ice cream … Good Humor brings heartfelt joy to your neighborhood and reminds you to savor simple moments of joy. The Taste You Love.™. Artificially Flavored Vanilla Light Ice Cream with an Almond Flavored Core and an Almond and Cake Coating. NEW: Cheesecakes and Dough Bites made without added sugar, plus 2 seasonal keto ice cream flavors. One of our classic favorites from the ice cream truck! *Not a Light Food. Good Humor Toasted Almond Dessert Bar features an almond core and vanilla frozen dessert coated in almond flavored crunchy pieces. Good Humor® Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bars. Ingredients: Ice Cream… For almost 100 years, Good Humor has been inspiring smiles with tasty ice creams & frozen desserts, and a tip of the hat from the friendly Good Humor Man. Good Humor. … Good Humor Toasted Almond Ice Cream Bar, 4 Oz (24 Count) $49.99.