A few decades later, grunge resurfaced and its popularity continues to grow as the years move on. Two decades ago, grunge was the uniform of alternative rockers and the 20-somethings who drew inspiration from them. Instagram. Grunge & Grace are an online retailer offering a collection of hand picked and in-house designed clothing for women. Grunge Fashion Just Keeps Coming Back—Here's How to Do It Now by Elinor Block Grunge fashion has had some real champions over the past few years, not least of which designer is Hedi Slimane, who dedicated his A/W 13 Saint Laurent collection to the trend. Women's Fashion - Shop online for women's clothing. A highly amused Dave Grohl smiles for the camera as drag queen RuPaul holds Kurt Cobain's daughter, … Early 1990s. Still, just like any other style, the grunge look began to fade away after some time, but it seems like the fashion industry was not done with the look. 1993. Seattle, Washington. The fashion world is no stranger to merging the trend with feminine, athletic, hip hop and bohemian influences to name a few. Personalised items, individuality, sustainable fashion that isn't just a trend! We work with emerging designers and brands worldwide, and together present collections of creative, trendy, high craftsmanship fashion at Justfashionnow.com . ABC . Style wise, grunge now comes in many iterations. Grunge fashion was a common sight on mainstream TV shows like My So-Called Life starring Jared Leto. The style is now more refined, although it still draws a lot of inspiration from grunge bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden (you can still find t-shirts embellished with Nirvana’s ‘happy face’ logo in mainstream fashion today). Now teens headed back to school can scoop up grunge-inspired fashion … Mudhoney's Mark Arm (left) being thoroughly appreciated by fellow band member Steve Turner. 43 of 56. Grunge, he says, is normcore’s reverse. 42 of 56. Fisher, who wears black grunge garb almost exclusively, says that now a clean style called “normcore” is trending. Grunge fashion features lots of dark colors, and heavier clothing items, which is exactly what you’ll find in a gothic outfit. To style your outfit, you’ll want to look for pieces with rips, heavy fabric, and lots of texture; the more damaged looking, the better.