There was a hawk in our factory and I was curious to know what it actually was for certain. (I have this innate radar for nature’s creatures) As I neared, I honed in on it, and cried to my friend, Oh, Wow, I think it’s a I red-tailed hawk! Their feathers are black and white striped with the black being slightly more pronounced. This bird has been around quite a while though. This area is totally populated and residential with a good bit of traffic. The beak had a definite hook. Because their wings are more slender, falcons beat their wings rapidly, engaging in only short periods of gliding. If so, it’s probably a red-tailed hawk  …but is it June? It is really cold here. Where can I go to find out what they are. Coopers hawks love to. I sit facing the windows and spend a lot of time on the phone so hawk watching has become an all day event. The feather on the top is from a falcon, which is in a different family than the hawks. I’m not really good at identifying birds, even when I can see them (flowers are so much easier to identify! They arrived again – 3 of them that I could see. It is an uncommon bird. It takes 2 years for the tails to come in red (actually rusty colored). In that specific area, there are lots of red-tail hawks, so I was quite surprised to see it there. Due to a lack of knowledge I assumed the birds in my yard would be the most common and wrote my story only yesterday. from pa here and me and my daughter have seing this hawk or falcon swoop down and take birds out of the air its looks gray and has a straight white line under each wing we been trying to find out what kind of prey this is and we had no luck online and books please help, i like falcon and is my job .am from morroco. Is it a bird of prey? Interesting Facts about Snowy Owls: Harry Potter’s Pet. (either bird)  On a light pole over the highway? I was hoping that you may help me. Perhaps you’ll find some hints there and/or people to contact in your area: Coopers hawks are high strung and jumpy and move rapidly in spurts. Immature birds!In June in Pittsburgh juvenile peregrines leave the nest and learn to fly. “Hunting for squirrels” indicates a red-tailed or red-shouldered hawk, not a peregrine falcon. Here are several photo comparisons of the two:  red-tailed hawk on left, peregrine on right. Jerry, you didn’t say what sort of habitat you were in when you saw these hawks, so I will make some guesses based on what’s found in Texas in the summer. Falcon and another red-shoulder hawk due to bright yellow claws. Peregrines are striped all the way down. What is the difference between a falcon or a cooper’s hawk other than stripes on their faces. Hawk wings are wider in relation to their bodies and usually have rounded ends. I live in a highly-wooded area and I noticed the bird’s wingspan in flight was wide, so I’ve concluded it was a hawk. There was either a hawk or a falcon in my backyard a few minutes ago and I was curious to find out which it was. It had a light tan chest and head and gray wings with yellow feet. a male American Kestrel (click here). Would you like to write for us? The bird was large with a prominent head, dramatic hooked beak, and beautifully brown, white, black flecked colors on its feathers. Some eat birds. Required fields are marked *, “Outside My Window” I took it through a screen so distorted a little. And I read a favorite food is chipmunks – which explains my disappearing chipmunks – though I expect Red tails would enjoy them too. Red-tailed hawks have a brown belly band with white below. I’m in a neighborhood about 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis with many huge old trees. I tried to get a close up picture of it, but couldn’t zoom in close enough and I wasn’t getting any closer lol. My friend, who is not animal savvy and never saw any birds of prey, was so moved, he kept telling everyone we met throughout the afternoon about the experience. No doubt with nesting season upon us, hawks will become more visible. I live in Vancouver, WA and saw a bird on my fence (in town) that I have never seen here before. Neighbors and I debate to the breed. Your email address will not be published. 6789 Quail Hill Pkwy, Suite 211 Irvine CA 92603. Thanks for all the cues to look for and the side by side photos. Also a preferred nesting site is white pines. and thank you for your blog, since i’ve moved to kansas from michigan i’ve seen many red-tailed hawks (they are everywhere here) and i like your pictures! (Red-tails and peregrines will perch for a long time, then strike. Again thanks!!! Try taping thier sounds and identifying will be easy. We’re pretty sure that it is a hawk. Here is some information about the bird:, A word of caution for your father: It is illegal to shoot birds of prey without first obtaining a special “depredating” permit from US Fish and Wildlife showing (in the permit application) that hawks are eating your farm animals — and even then only certain hawk species which might eat farm animals may be taken. Sitting high in the trees and screaming for several minutes in each location. They are one of the few hawks that migrate in large numbers. The smaller beak & “sweet” face reminded me of a red-shouldered hawk… which is a lot like a broad-winged. Note: Merlins occur in Canada but are unusual in Pennsylvania and south of here. That was all but two columns of the cover yesterday and across the top in all caps and bold – “THIS IS NOT A FALCON”. My daughter sent me a text yesterday saying that she had just watched a small brown hawk with a speckled breast kill a rodent and eat it in the little park in the center of downtown Erie. Here are three links with photos and descriptions: Please help!! His wings were no doubt large as they draped along his sides almost the length of his body. Is the website still down? It has vertical chest stripes like a juvenile peregrine. In any case it doing normal stuff — sitting around a lot and hunting occasionally. But I still try. Later on that day I just happen to catch it flying after a Robin as a Robin was trying to fly under a car to hide from it. They’ve had snakes, mice and other things fly over us as we are in the pool!!!! Hawk vs Falcon. I leaped from my desk, saw all 4 on the ground for a couple seconds then one flew off clutching a bird to a nearby tree, but out of my sight. They are characterized by their long wings and powerful beaks that are adapted to the way the birds hunt for prey, by strongly clawing and then tearing the flesh of the captured animal. In western Pennsylvania you can see up to nine hawk and three falcon species depending on time of year and habitat. Without knowing the hawk’s identity I can’t guess what it eats. Sharp-shinned and Coopers are both hawks. Am betting it was a red tail my friend saw. been watching a bird of prey in my back yard trying to catch small birds in the bushes that line my back yard in Reading PA. They’re the same color as immature peregrines but have much longer tails. About three months later I believe October of last year I was walking down my private road which has trees on both sides and a Robin was flying Over my head at a high speed and right behind it, but below it was that same bird going after it.