His cranberry recipe calls for champagne yeast, which is a very aggressive fermenter. I too failed in the dried highbush cranberry effort. This accounts for another common name, cramp-bark. Would only work if there is malic acid in this particular viburnum, and I don’t know it there is any…. Your email address will not be published. I wouldn’t call it a hedonistic wine, and it’s certainly not for everybody. That adds another common name into the mix, which only leads to more confusion. These things are pretty invincible so far it seems. I am about to make my first batch of High Bush and would like to learn from your success or mistakes. We are simpatico, my friend, in mind and in brew. Did we mention how perfect this frozen treat is for summer?! It brings back memories of growing up on the farm, picking berries and Mom baking pies and freezing the rest of the berries to enjoy in winter. Heather – yes indeed you can use that juice as long as it has no preservatives in it! This recipe for Quick and Easy Berry Frozen Yogurt is as simple as blend, freeze, and enjoy! Last Wednesday evening, upon light prompting [read: suggestion] from friend Valerie, I headed back into the bush to pick another round of the abundant crop of highbush cranberries. These things sat in a bucket in my heated basement for almost a week, and it was hard to tell when I finally got to them today. It's not really a cranberry at all, but the fruit is used similarly and often served with game, turkey or pork. It was impressive. Worth doing, in my opinion, if you’re into the purist side of enjoying the fruit. I think grapes would have rotted. Others may work fine, but since you are new to winemaking and the cranberry juice is not be as balanced as grape juice for fermentation, this is a wise choice to minimze the risk of a failed fermentation. Do you get that funky highbush cranberry aroma with this wine? There’s…. I find orchard wines tend to, okay nearly always,  lack in the structure department, so this opportunity is key in my homewinmaking/blending adventures. I enjoyed the post, but how did the wine turn out? Into the press they go as-is. They’re a robust shrub related to honeysuckle, and they grow wild in North America from Alaska to Newfoundland, crossing into some parts of the Lower 48. I like rosé. Speaking of that, holy shit! The berries are not the medicinal part, but rather the bark. I’d picked 20 lbs already. Kevin10.2010Foraging, From the Cellar, From The Wild, Highbush Cranberry Wine, Wild Fruits, Wine11 Comments. Highbush Cranberry Medicinal Uses When you’re talking about using highbush cranberry as medicine, it goes by the common name “crampbark” and is used to relieve muscle cramps. These cranberries when ripe are tart and juicy and excellent for pies or jellies. Below: the resulting pommace post-press. I like high-bush cranberries. Elsewhere on Jack’s very extensive website you will find general winemaking instructions and very specific guidance on a broad range of winemaking topics, for example the various strains of yeasts. The bark of highbush cranberry is light, almost white, and rather smooth. Valerie had suggested trying to dry the berries – a great idea. The bitter flavor in it is viburnin which is one of the best anti-spasmodic on either nature's shelves or a stores shelves. Or the stink. Any other combinations anyone likes? Hope it will turn out as good as my other blended fruit wines.Excellent choices I recomend if you use the elderberrys (a very vercitile fruit) is strawberries or blueberries. I really didn’t need more. This is a lovely spread with mouthwatering tangy flavor.—Evelyn Gebhardt, Kasilof, Alaska, Highbush cranberries aren’t really cranberries. I think it would press and remove the pits as well. (And I cannot wait to try this wine!) Has anyone tried running the highbush cranberries through a squeezo press like you would tomatoes? And yes, the wine I’ve had from it has the distinctive smell you refer to, and is only as weird in the wine as you feel it is in other applications, I figure. Highbush cranberries aren’t really cranberries. Good luck and don’t stop trying different combonations of your favorite fruit. It was akin to a rosé with loads of structure for an orchard wine. Highbush Cranberry Wine – 2010 Kevin 10.2010 Foraging , From the Cellar , From The Wild , Highbush Cranberry Wine , Wild Fruits , Wine 11 Comments Last Wednesday evening, upon light prompting [read: suggestion] from friend Valerie , I headed back into the bush to pick another round of the abundant crop of highbush cranberries. There must be another way. I will fully admit, I was a bit shocked. So is the SYRUP. The juice in that shot will oxidize in a hurry, PH of 2.96 or no. So 20-some lbs of fruit later, I was in. I do have some dried elderberries I could use to try a combination wine, but would problably only do 1 gallon with elderberries and the rest straight. This includes diluting with water, otherwise the pure juice will be too acidic and astringent, & you won’t be happy with the results. six So if you dig the berry, I think you’d dig the wine. Since you already have juice, estimate how many pounds of berrries the juice came from & just scale up the rest of the ingredients to make your wine. Go to Jack Keller’s web site (http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/highbush.asp) for a good recipe. 2. Incredible. Also I need a recipe that uses the juice of the berries. Mine turned out superb. You will find it sold under the Lalvin brand as EC-1118. But only a few days prior, I’d been out to En Sante Organic Winery and Meadery [who are going to be undergoing a full-on name change and rebranding btw – that’s right, you heard it here first] to shoot their From Local Farms episode that’s in editing at the moment. That make 3 batches of jelly. If all goes well, I’m going to have one mean local wine in the cellar.