The other end of the lead can also be tied to a fence to keep the mob from running away. First, get enough obsidian and/or molding supplies to make two portals. This base floats in the air! You then want to go about sixty-four blocks away from your location. Cute Minecraft Houses Minecraft Mansion Minecraft Banner Designs Minecraft House Tutorials Minecraft Banners Minecraft Decorations Minecraft House Designs Minecraft Crafts Video Minecraft. Saved by vtrustedsnow. Next, make sure there's no one in a 100-block radius of your base. 253. Prevent any light from inside getting out into the water by placing half slabs over any openings. Feb 13, 2018 - Todays minecraft video is more of a concept build with a tutorial in the mix too. See more ideas about tipi, minecraft, minecraft creeper. Alright, enough yakking, let's begin! A player can tie a lead to a mob and then move the mob. Make it as deep as possible in a deep ocean biome using blue glass for exterior walls, or make it look like a gravel "hill". Make a nether portal in your base and go through it. Hello minecraft players! How to Make Circles in Minecraft One of the things you need to keep in mind when making a circle is that the bigger your circle is, the closer it will resemble an actual circle. Hiding your base . This seems obvious, but due to the blocky shape of structures in Minecraft , smaller circles may look more lock blocky blobs than an … Make another portal. This Minecraft tutorial explains how to craft a lead with screenshots and step-by-step instructions. Camouflage is the best way to hide your ocean base. How to Make Cool A-Frame Houses in Minecraft How to Build a Cool Fireplace in Minecraft BlockStorm Review Compiled Layers of the Skull Build each layer one after the other going from layer one up to layer five going from back to front. Other players will be dazzled on how you just dissapear! Forget digging a hole in the ground and covering it! I know it doesn't look secret, but getting in is a secret to you and your teammates! How to make a easy base. 16.11.2020 - Explore Tomáš Mišura's board "minecraft base inspirations", followed by 137 people on Pinterest. In Minecraft, a lead is a handy tool that can be used as a leash. Not my but feel free to like.