Use pure Acetone. There’s a reason we trust nail salons to remove gel or acrylic nails instead of doing it ourselves. I disagree with the previous answer. While completing a project, nail polish remover with acetone is typically the best way to remove super glue from your nails. I do not have any nail varnish remover and am unable to go and get some today. Nails are made of layers of skin, basically, and if you pull the fake nail away, you damage the nail plate by ripping the layers. HELP! Maybe you no longer want them, or maybe its time for you to let your nails breathe. During a change of the fake nails you have to remove the old nails. Yankee advises to cut your nails down as low as possible for this process. You can warm pure Acetone and soak the nails for a few minutes. Any suggestions? Then patiently and slooowly use the tip of the file in a tight circular motion, with minimal pressure, to abrade as much of the glue as you can. But if you have acrylics, then it’s easy to remove them. I still have the glue on my fingernails, how can i remove this. You cannot remove fake gel nails as the salon has to drill them down. I recently put on false nails, then decided i didnt like them and gently eased them off. These fake nails are attached with glue. But i would like the gllue off today. eg - … Remove glue residues on your natural nails by using a pink filer. I've tried the same methods above. You’ve had your fashionable Acrylics on for a few weeks or even a month, and now its time to cut back on the length and the elegance back to your normal and natural nails. Edwards says that fake gel nails must be drilled down at the salon. How to Remove Your Fake Nails. How To Remove Glue On Nails Without Acetone. You need to go to a salon to remove them. Whether you’ve used super glue to attach acrylic nails or accidentally got some on your nails. Also, I took off a nail, and now the glue is all over my nail, and won't come off. I've already tried dish-washing detergent and nail polish remover! Either way, removing Acrylics/the resulting glue can be difficult to say the least. But if you have knowledge of how to remove nail glue, you can do it in your home. If there’s a lot of super glue on your nails, you may need to loosen it up before you start trying to remove it. Here’s how to remove them yourself and keep your nails in good shape if you can’t get to the salon. Here we will talk about how to remove nail glue. Do NOT gradually pull the fake nail away from the nail. It is essential to apply cuticle oil to moisturize your hands and nails after the procedure. First get a glass or crystal nail file (it’s the gentlest). I was putting on a fake nail from Claire's, and I accidentally got some on my fingers. How do I get it off? However, if you have acrylics, you can remove them by soaking them in pure acetone.