Even though there is evidence that fluoride is good for your teeth, excess ingestion of the compound can trigger serious health issues. In fact, 10% of water throughout the UK is added with fluoride to help improve oral health. we need to wake up the people in this country, It should also be noted that bone char is made when animal bones are heated to extreme temperatures. If you haven’t gotten the chance to try out our fluoride free toothpaste, you can use code BLOG15 for $15 towards your first order, on us. Boiling your water won’t help, as the fluoride does not evaporate easily like chlorine; as the volume of water decreases through boiling, the fluoride concentration actually goes up. In Portland, Oregon, the impassioned debate centered around issues of personal choice and responsibility: if the facts are in question, who gets to decide what’s in their water? Greg Seaman These water filtration systems are typically installed under the kitchen sink and treat your drinking and cooking water. The steam will quickly condense, form droplets and drip into the stainless steel bowl. Removes all contaminants including radioactive isotopes and organic pathogens. Originally from Long Island, NY, Greg Seaman founded Eartheasy in 2000 out of concern for the environment and a desire to help others live more sustainably. And then I’m going to my town commission to have a talk about it!! I live in a small town in northern British Columbia, Canada. We need to stand together because divided we fall!!! Feel free to use BLOG15 at checkout for $15 off of your first order with us. While it is possible to make a reverse osmosis system at home, it is often more expensive to piece together than buying a system would be. Over-consumption of fluoride, specifically in drinking water, has the potential to cause dental fluorosis of teeth and bones. Distilled water has been stripped of beneficial minerals as well as contaminants; health advisers disagree about the risks and benefits of drinking distilled water. Where I live in Fl.the water was fluoride free. Hey Debbie! Buying filtered water from water services or local stores (using reusable containers to fit a water dispenser) can be a short-term solution. Choose from small filtration options like water bottles or purchase a home filter system. It’s always important to question what we put into our bodies, and we have a right to know! Over the past few decades, concerns have arisen about fluoride’s potentially harmful effects on health. Works with your kitchen pots for easy storage. U can air filter chlorine because it evaporates as a low temperature. Thank you, well said. Some packaged “spring water” can actually contain fluoride and other questionable minerals, so always review the water analysis carefully before buying. You can also try a supplement called skate oil that helps with the D calcification of the pineal gland. To truly obtain non-fluoridated water, these ions need to be tackled at the chemical level for effective elimination. These alumina filters only work on water with a pH less than 8.5. As a thanks for your insight, feel free to use BLOG15 at checkout for $15 off of your first order. You’ve certainly provided some interesting supplementary information to this article! Nowadays, it can be found in your toothpaste, as well as your local water source, but recent concerns have arisen over the compound’s adverse health effects. Here are some effective methods to remove fluoride from your drinking water: Distillation is an effective and affordable method to remove fluoride from water. The most popular water filters — the inexpensive activated-carbon pitchers and tap-attachments sold under the brand names Brita and Pur — can’t remove fluoride. After knowing the negative effects of floride…why does the city keep adding it to our water supply.it is so rediculous. We take your words seriously. Although the practice of fluoridation still continues to this day, many scientists have questioned the efficacy and safety of adding this mineral to local water supplies. Recently, however, Harvard researchers were able to study health data for communities in China where high levels of fluoride are naturally present in the groundwater.