Sometimes liquids will puddle on top of freshly baked pizza and drip everywhere or cause the crust to get soggy. Simply because we want leftovers. And if you microwave it, it can end up all soggy and limp, and no one wants that. But what’s the best way to store leftover pizza? Whenever we get pizza delivered for dinner, we always order a larger one than we’ll be able to eat in one sitting. Doug. If you saw our leftover pizza blog you already know to skip the microwave and use cast iron or a pizza stone to reheat leftovers to crispy perfection. If it is too watery or splits into a watery bit and a solid bit, then you should fix this. If you are putting wet ingredients on the top, then this can make your dough soggy and produce something called a ‘gum line’ in the industry. Once we discovered how easy it is to reheat a slice of pizza on the stove, having a few extra slices around means an easy lunch or snack. It’s a problem not only with fresh pizza, but also with reheating leftovers. Email. My top tip is to put your sauce in a sieve and give it a stir with a wooden spoon. Answer Save. 1 decade ago . If it has a separate element that heats it up in a similar fashion to a standard electric oven then that'll work fine, if it cooks using the same heat source (ie microwave radiation) then you will get a soggy base. 16 Answers. Send Text Message Print. Then you can slice it. Then let cool before adding to pre-baked pizza (so they don't fall apart) with the other desired toppings. There’s (almost) nothing worse than a soggy pizza, and there’s a few ways pizzas end up that way. Why? Save Pin FB. It depends exactly HOW your microwave doubles as an oven. This is a soggy pizza crust remedy. Favourite answer. Relevance. Lv 7. More. Don't you hate soggy pizza crust? Bake on a sheet tray lined with parchment or silpat, until they start to release a lot of that juice, drain that juice off (save for other uses or sauce!). A main culprit is the tomato sauce. But when it comes to reheating, you need to do it right – no one wants a soggy base. To avoid this, allow the pizza to sit for five minutes after you take it out of the oven. If you’ve gone overboard on the pizza size and can’t quite finish it, save it for the next day. Soggy Pizza. Tweet.