In fact, a weak solution of jaggery is sometimes used to adulterate honey. It is advised not to consume Jaggery if you are a diabetic patient, as Jaggery is a kind of sugar too and increases blood sugar levels. Jaggery and honey both are sweet to taste and are therefore rarely ever mixed together. Both are cooling, but milk is laxative and melon diuretic. [] Leading Organic Jaggery And Natural Honey Wholesale Trader and many other products. together. Jaggery and Turmeric to Fight Flu. Mix together ginger and jaggery to fight viruses D. Balasubramanian. Neither is magic medicine. They also eliminate toxins from your body efficiently. Large-scale consumption of Jaggery can cause parasitic infections in your intestine. I love jaggery, a caramely, salty unrefined sugar used in both sweet and savory dishes across South Asia and the diaspora. The benefits for all food in the universe is listed on the nutrition information. According to Ayurveda, eating Jaggery and fish together can cause some serious side effects, so avoid eating them together. Both honey and jaggery are rich in sucrose and glucose. This is a major disadvantage of eating Jaggery. Jaggery is an unrefined sugar product made in Asia and Africa. Milk requires more time for digestion. Honey is easily assimilated in the body and is rich in enzymes that improve the oxidation of food. The protein, carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The trick is to consume it in small doses and you’d stay clear from constipation. My mother uses jaggery in sweet-and-sour tamarind chutney, nutty gram flour ladoos, and occasionally in dal to balance the lentil dish’s saltiness, spiciness, and sourness. Moreover the stomach acid required to digest the melon causes the milk to curdle, so Ayurveda advises against taking milk with sour foods. Peanuts are high in folic acid and protein content while jaggery is rich in iron and calcium. Honey, like jaggery is also a healthy substitute for sugar. The benefits you get are the nutrients in the curds and the jaggery. Together, these two can boost your immune system and also ease menstrual cramps. 3.