See available choices. For every tablespoon of jaggery, use one teaspoon of water. He absolutely loved it. Got the Jaggery and Hibiscus Tea initially. Use coupon code: SWA5. Connect with us! We are taking all safety precautions as directed by the government. 250 ml Makes 8 - 10 drinks Swa Jaggery Syrup is made from chemical free, natural jaggery that is dark in colour and not the regular bleached jaggery available in stores. Pick this up to get creative and try out all flavour variants to find out which one is your favourite Because jaggery syrup is naturally sweet and rich, you can use less in your recipes. Ingredients: 100% Natural Palm Jaggery Syrup (Karupatti Pagu) Weight: 350g. Our farmers are PGS, NPOP, NOP certified and do not use any chemicals or pesticides for cultivation. Cheers! It is made from mature sugar cane and is unrefined, wholesome and not stripped of nutrients. Swa Artisanal Syrups,  #365, 1st Floor, 3rd Cross, Opp HLRC, Whitefield Main Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066. See Details. Blend or whisk well to make syrup. Jaggery really compliments. Jaggery syrup - Jaggery is widely and most commonly used sweetener in Indian cuisine. Jaggery syrup can also be added to milk to use with oats or cornflakes or in making different kinds of porridge. Joni Bella (Jaggery Syrup), 1 kg. 1-24 of 958 results for Grocery & Gourmet Foods: Cooking & Baking Supplies: Syrups, Sugars & Sweeteners: Sugars: Jaggery. Also for pancakes etc. ORDERS PLACED BEFORE 5 PM WILL BE DELIVERED NEXT DAY. JAGGERY SYRUP: Instead of sugar, I have used jaggery, easily available in any Indian store or online. Qty. Made in India with love. Make “jaggery syrup” to use in recipes calling for liquid sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup, molasses, corn syrup, etc. Palm jaggery is a natural sweetener and energy rich food and an excellent substitute for white sugar. Add water and a bit of lemon juice for a healthy version of jaggery lemonade. In Kannada it is popularly known Joni bella. And contain no alcohol. Joni Bella (Jaggery Syrup) Farmer/Producer: Divya Honey and Home Products, Yellapur, Sirsi Product Code: 17011410 Availability: 70. Liquid jaggery is an intermediate product obtained from concentrating sugarcane juice after clarification. It easily replaces sugar for most things. ** Jivabhumi services are operational **. Add water and bit of lemon juice for a healthy version of jaggery lemonade. I almost always sweeeten my coffee/tea or any dessert with jaggery syrup! Add to Wish List Compare this Product. And since it is in syrup form it easily compliments and dissolves into everything, from pudding, cake batter, cookie dough, oats, pancakes, chia pudding, literally everything. My son even enjoys it simply with hot chapatti roll or over his pancakes - and since it's homemade, I have no complaints! Free of any added preservatives, colours, or artificial flavours. Usage: Add it to your daily cup tea, coffee or yogurt. 100% Natural; No preservatives; No Artificial flavor; NatureMills Natural Palm Jaggery Syrup is made from the extract of Palm trees and packed in syrup form for easy usage. For bulk enquiries contact 87623-13885 or write to, You're here: Home > Shop > All Natural Syrups > Jaggery, Or, you can also: Buy this on Amazon India. Its exceptional on pancakes. All Righs Reserved, Get 5% OFF on your order! very happy with the quality of Swa Syrups. For a cocktail, create a whisky sour with a shot of your favourite whisky, Swa Jaggery Syrup, lemon juice, and a huge piece of ice. I love the nutty, earthy flavor of jaggery and it is healthy for you too (has more nutrients than regular sugar)! So easy to mix and spread. It’s just jaggery and water, that makes this syrup. It is semi-liquid and is also known as sugarcane juice concentrate. It is used in various confectionery items as well as making flavoured drink. this delicious spread is fantastic on a butter to more... Gur Masala for Chai 250 g ₹300 ₹299. Jaggery was for my tea and coffee. Free Shipping for orders over ₹ 499/-, otherwise just ₹ 40 per order across India. Drinks are great socially. Add it to your daily cup of tea, coffee, or yogurt. Swa Jaggery Syrup is made from chemical-free, natural jaggery that is dark in colour and not the regular bleached jaggery available in stores. Connect with us on: © 2016 – 2020, Raw Earth Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru, India. Jivabhumi focusses on building communities - Local Communities of Farmers & Farmer co-operatives, Communities of Concious Consumers and finally connect everyone to their food. Our vision is to create a community supported agricultural ecosystem to provide healthy, affordable, naturally grown, sustainable food without the use of synthetic fertilisers & harmful pesticides to our consumers and most importantly provide our farmers more value for their produce. Please note: Swa Artisanal Syrups are 100% Natural & Vegetarian. Thank you for your support during these extraordinary times as we try our best to help the farming community. Swa Syrups are 100% natural and handcrafted in India. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. by 24 Mantra Organic 80 + 59 delivery. Divya Honey and Home Products, Yellapur, Sirsi, Sugar - Brown (Natural and Chemical Free), 500 g, Sugar - Brown (Natural and Chemical Free), 1 kg. 10% off with AU Bank Debit Cards See Details. We are also posting quick and easy jaggery based recipes on our website, some of them are contributed by lovely home chefs/home bartenders like you. Rs.160.00 Ex Tax: Rs.160.00. Molasses Raab Kakvi/Sheera/ Treacle/cane Syrup/ Liquid jaggery is loved under more than a few names. 24 Mantra Organic Products Jaggery Powder, 500g. See more hassle-free drinks recipe ideas – With the founders experience of building large concious communities, we want to leverage the power of community to bring the "Community Supported Agriculture" model to help benefit both the consumer as well as the farmer. I ordered 4 other flavours including the hibiscus tea again just before the lockdown 2.0 in bangalore…. Hibiscus tea was for my son who is off to college soon. Its just jaggery and water, that makes this syrup. See more quick and easy drinks recipes in the Recipes section of this Site. Jivabhumi works with small and marginal farmers that adopt natural and organic farming methods only. Palm Jaggery Liquid (Palm Syrup) , Mypalm | Buy Palm Products, Herbal, Hair Oils, Millets Online - traditional Indian products buy at the best price online. Farmers in our group are PGS, NOP, NPOP certified and do not use any chemicals or pesticides for cultivation. Drinks are best enjoyed socially. Copyright © 2017 Jivabhumi - Safe food for all. Jaggery is our go-to for baking recipes as well. It is exceptional on pancakes. Though most jaggery are not chemical free, It is still considered to be far better than the refined white sugar. Jaggery syrup can be easily made at home and stocked up for using in kids recipes and Indian desserts like kheer, payasam, halwa and many more! Love the flavor it imparts to any dish. As you can see our ingredients for this Syrup are just natural Jaggery and water. As good as it gets. Made with real fruits, herbs, and spices. Jivabhumi works with small and marginal farmers that adopt natural and organic farming methods only. This is a traditionally Indian masala for your chai, made with organic jaggery(gur / panela). Storage Instructions: Store in cool and dry place.