Also, you can utilize medical alcohol to clean. JPD-FR410 JPD-FR410. You can clean the infrared thermometer by using a lithe cloth or cotton swab with water. 35-42.2°C ± 0.2°C / 95 … When cleaning, just meticulously wipe the lens first and then the main body of the thermometer. Please read the instructions carefully before using the product, and put it JPD-FR202 JPD … JPD-FR409-BT JPD-FR409-BT. 24 * Sodium hypochlorite solution (concentration: 3%) Disinfecting steps: 1) Wet the clean soft cloth with a small quantity of disinfectant, wipe the thermometer and quickly dry it. 2) Disinfect the thermometer body and the area around the temperature probe with a … JUMPER Infrared Thermometer JPD-FR412 features: Professional Accuracy; 1 Second Reading; Hygienic Non-Touch; Smart Fever Alert; Silent Mode; Child Mode; 10s Auto Shut Off . AngelSounds Fetal Doppler Pocket Fetal Doppler Fingertip Pulse Oximeter TENS Therapy Device Weight Scale Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor. Click here for JUMPER Infrared Thermometer JPD-FR412 pdf. JPD-FR408 JPD-FR408. Instructions”section MeasuringObjecttemperature Inapower-onstate,press the“Modebutton”,the thermometerentersthe Objectmode. Jumper Medical, Infrared thermometer for short. Infrared Thermometer . PointtheIRsensortothe centeroftheobject,then pressandreleasethe Measurebu tton.the objecttemperaturewillbe displayedonthescreen. JPD-FR415 JPD-FR415. JPD-FR401 JPD-FR401. Specifications . JPD-FR300 JPD-FR300. Press the Mode button, the thermometer … JPD-FR400 JPD-FR400. JPD-FR203 JPD-FR203. The infrared thermometer JPD-FR400 can be used to read the body temperature by measure the ear and forehead temperature, which is suitable for adult and children(ear test mode only for the child above 3 months). Display and Operating Instructions Operating Instructions Sound and Screen Display backlight color Displayed State Measuring Ear temperature (Adult / Child) Take off the probe cover, press and release the Power button for 1 second to power on the thermometer. Model: JPD-FR409: Display: HD LCD Display: Measurement range & accuracy. Forehead Mode ear mode OBJECT MODE . Seethetableinthe “Sou nds aBcklight I … Then you need to wait for the thermometer … JPD-FR409 JPD-FR409.