How to Market Your Photography Business For Free. Make sure to pick one with a built-in store so you can sell your landscape photos, right from your own website. A mountain range is nice, but a lake surrounded by forest, reflecting those mountains is majestic. There’s lots of landscape photography appsthat can help you figure out the best—and safest—time to shoot. I’m an engineer who has a great passion for photography. Who doesn’t want to get outside more, to breathe the fresh air, and to connect to nature? You ideally want to shoot away from the sun to avoid shadows. Of course, astrophotography is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to shooting after dark. Painters work by continually applying brush strokes until their piece is complete. If you want to capture a long-exposure photograph but the scene is too brightly lit to allow it, an ND filter is just the thing. Wide lenses (16mm or larger) are most photographers’ go-to. That lake might be boring during the Summer. What is unique and special about a place, and how can you zoom in on the special quality that it provides? If you had a great time shooting a location and were super impressed with the photos afterward, consider a return trip. Once you understand the concept, you will find leading lines everywhere you shoot. It should be stable enough to withstand weather of all kinds, but should also be light enough for travel. It’s a simple composition technique that can pay dividends in your photography. Get our emails on inspiration & tips to grow your creative business. Try as many new viewpoints and vantages as possible. While it is certainly true that adjusting the horizon on your photo or changing up your exposure or saturation can make a big difference, it’s important to not rely too much on post when taking landscape photos. Ricardo is working towards taking up travel photography as his full-time career. I plan to keep doing this and maybe in the future have my own full-time photography business. Bad HDR is everywhere: it can be gallingly unrealistic and oversaturated. Using the best landscape cameras and the best landscape lenses is key when it comes to taking great landscape photos. Roads, rivers, rocks, bridges, or anything else that might provide a path for a viewer to put themselves into the photo. Wait for the right light . Photographer Thomas Heaton shares his ideas […] Got a wacky idea for an awesome photo? That was a turning point, I won several contests and after that, things started to roll. And what about the rainbow that is made at Yosemite Falls only once a year? With these landscape photography techniques taking your shots to another level, the sales will be rolling in! If it’s within your budget, it might be worthwhile to invest in two different tripods. Get started free. The conventional way to make a landscape photo is: Find somewhere beautiful. Another option is to shoot at night. When shooting at the low shutter speeds common in landscape photography, your tripod will become your new best friend. This photograph by Halid Kalkan reminds us of Ansel Adams’s iconic Yosemite Valley, Winter, created in the same location during the same season 80 years earlier. Minimalism is the reduction of everything unnecessary. While the Golden Hours around dawn and dusk can make even the most dreary vistas beautiful, consider all your options. No Credit Card required. Sans innovative composition, landscape photography can quickly become stale. Another landscape photography tip? Research dark sky areas and parks nearby where you can get away from light pollution. Come back after dark. Modern DSLR cameras are fantastic in their ability to capture images quickly and to work in very dim light. I like to capture the beauty of the places I visit, nothing fancy. If you need an ND filter to darken an overexposed sky, reach for a graduated density filter. Every time I travel, the thing that most amazes me is the beauty of the places that I visit, every travel and every place has touched my soul deeply, and photography came second, because I’m so overwhelmed with the beauty of those places that I want to show them to the world through my photography. With each trip into the field, we learn more and more about ourselves, our equipment, and our environment. Get started free. I have so many from the numerous trips I made this past August, that I want to share them. While many photographers today alter their pictures after the fact during post-processing, anyone who has shot black and white images will tell you that it requires more thought and planning than that.