"We think of Titan as a real-life laboratory where we can see similar chemistry to that of ancient Earth when life was taking hold here," said astrobiologist Melissa Trainer of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, one of the chief scientists set to investigate the moon in the upcoming Dragonfly mission launching in 2027. By Sean Martin PUBLISHED: 12:00, Wed, Oct 28, 2020 Life on Titan Cyclopropenylidene is three parts of carbon and two parts hydrogen. Saturn's moon Titan has lakes and seas, filled with liquid ethane and methane. Most hydrocarbons are non-polar so that for an organism to interact with them successfully it would need the non-polar ends of its cell membrane molecules pointing to the outside. All living bodies on Earth use liquid water for sustaining life. NASA has announced that our next destination in the solar system is the unique, richly organic world Titan. NASA has discovered a "weird" molecule in the atmosphere of Titan which could be an indicator of life on Saturn's icy moon. Even though scientists on Earth do know of its existence, it's barely heard of. Whether there is life on Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, is at present an open question and a topic of scientific assessment and research. Titan is far colder than Earth, but of all the places in the solar system, Titan is the only place besides Earth known to have liquids in the form of rivers, lakes and seas on its surface. Life on Titan Lyrics: Adverse to the pain / And cold to the touch / I never really knew / How it felt to become something other than dust / I pray you see me / The potential in me / I never really Such organisms would inhale hydrogen in place of oxygen, metabolize it with acetylene instead of glucose, and exhale methane instead of carbon dioxide. It says that life may exist in liquid methane bodies on Titan in the same way as life exists on Earth in water bodies. But they might not be the best places to look for life, according to new research. Silicon and life. If life on Titan uses hydrocarbons, such as methane and ethane, as its solvent of choice, then its cellular architecture must be reversed or non-polar at both ends. If life is, or has been on Titan, Dragonfly should be able to find it.