The true vibration figure could be + or - the K factor figure. Nothing contained on this Makita® site should be construed as granting, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise, any license or right to use any trademark displayed on this site without the written permission of Makita or such third party that owns the trademark. Distance Measures; Laser Levels; Job Site Radios; Garden Machinery. Find the Makita® dust extraction vacuum that works for you. Use AVT machines to reduce your exposure to vibration. Disc, Hook & Loop, 60 Grit, 10/pk 742133-A 5" Round Abrasive Disc, (PSA), 100 Grit, 5/pk 742102-3 6" Round Abrasive Disc, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive … Suits - BO5041; Designed to keep tools safe & secure during transportation; Individual moulded inserts to suit specific tools; Suited for Makpac connector case 2 AWS ™ AUTO-START WIRELESS SYSTEM. Asked by: hbutbwruvbtiu. La página que selecciono por el momento no está disponible en español. Objective Test Data for Concrete Drilling with XRH03Z, XRH04Z, XRH06Z, RH01, HR2475 and HR2811F (PDF), Objective Test Data for Concrete Drilling with XRH011TX, XRH05Z, HR2641, HR2651 and HR2661 (PDF), Objective Test Data for Concrete Surfacing/Grinding with VC4710, using GA7011C, GA7040S and GA9040S (PDF), Choose Genuine Makita Parts & Accessories. Is the variable speed slow enough to use for polishing with a wool bonnet? We use cookies to give you the best experience on our site. For Dust Management solutions that are OSHA compliant under Option 2: Compliant under Option 2, Objective Data of the OSHA standard for Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica (rule 1926.1153) when dust extractor is operated with the tested tool model and operated under conditions tested by Makita®. © Copyright 2020 Makita UK - All rights reserved. Discover the Convenience of Intelligent Communication. HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, AWS™, 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Brushless Backpack Dust Extractor/Vacuum. Subscribe to the Makita mailing list to receive updates on new arrivals, special offers and other discount information. Il y a même une deuxième poignée permettant de travailler verticalement. Technical Specification Continuous rating Input 300W Pad diameter 123mm (4-7/8") Abrasive disc diameter 125mm (5") Orbits per minute (opm) 4,000-12,000 Dimensions 218 x 123 x 153mm (L x W x H) (8-5/8" x 4-7/8" x 6") Net weight 1.4kg (3.1lbs) Power supply cord 2.0m (6.6ft) Features/Benefits Ergonomically designed body and rotatable front grip provides more control and comfort. Not sure which tools and accessories match up? Find out how to get your Makita tools and equipment compliant. VibrationMachines by their nature have the habit of transferring vibration to the user. Disc dia. By continuing to use our site we assume your permission to deploy cookies. Privacy and Cookies Policy. High power … 125mm Built-in dust extraction system Connectable to Makita vacuum cleaners without adapter High dust extraction rate Cloth dust bag or Paper filter + Dust box for clean operation Dust bag assembly Part No. This standard is derived from EU Directive 1999/44/EC. Hook and loop type abrasive paper can be used. The other trademarks, service marks and logos displayed in the Website are registered and unregistered trademarks of Makita® and others. 4660784 3000 Photo: B05041 Larger size ball bearing for increased durability Accessories Abrasive disc (10 per pkg.) L-Class Dust Extraction; M-Class Dust Extraction; H-Class Dust Extraction; Vacuum Cleaners; Production Tools. Vibration above2.5 m / s ² is harmful.The maximum time of exposure depends on the vibration value:5 m/s²: 8 hours 10 m/s²: 2 hours 20m/s²: ½ hoursTri-axial vibration values are used to calculate all Makita vibration figures. Discover the Convenience of Intelligent Communication. K factorThe "K factor" is an industry standard uncertanty figure. La ponceuse excentrique Makita BO5041 300 W 125 mm, comme souligné dans les différents tests, a une structure robuste, est facile à manier, également d'une seule main, est relativement silencieuse et est aussi conçue pour le polissage. We use the information you provide to send you the newsletter you are requesting. It represents the natral variation in testing for vibration. Ergonomically designed body and rotatable front grip provides more control and comfort. Twin 18V Cordless Tools; 18V Cordless Tools; Chainsaws. Makita Dust Extractors. Date published: 2020-11-09. Find the Makita ® dust extraction vacuum that works for you. Dust Extraction Hi, How easy is it to connect a normal domestic vacuum cleaner (Dyson) hose pipe to this sander?? Note: To ensure performance, verify that any engineer controls (accessory-components used with the dust collector/vacuum such as dust shrouds, dust extraction attachments, connectors) are used per manufacturer instructions, and are securely attached to a compliant vacuum. WeightAs a permanent member of EPTA, the European Power Tool Association, Makita is committed to publishing weights in according with the EPTA standards. OSHA Compliance Rule 29 CFR 1926.1153. We will share this information with the third-party vendor we use to disseminate our email newsletter but will not otherwise share it with or sell it to third-parties, Copyright © 2020 Makita® U.S.A., Inc. All Rights Reserved - 14930 Northam St., La Mirada, CA 90638, USA (714) 522-8088. Screwdrivers; Angle Screwdrivers; Impact Drivers; Impact Wrenches; Measuring. A vacuum cleaner is not a dust extractor so i am unable to advised Answered by: Answers @ Makita. 12 Gallon Xtract Vac™ Wet/Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, 18V X2 LXT® (36V) 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, 18V X2 LXT® (36V) 4 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Brushless 4 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Brushless 2.1 Gallon HEPA Filter Dry Dust Extractor/Vacuum, 18V X2 LXT® (36V) Brushless 2.1 Gal. Trademarks: Makita®, LXT®, AVT® and the Makita® logo, Teal color and Black & White color combination are the registered trademarks of Makita®. Each part are rubberized for easy handling. Disc, Hook & Loop, 120 Grit, 10/pk 794608-7 6" Round Abr. No starts at 4000 rpm … We will also use the information to send you more targeted information regarding new products relevant to your specific trade as well as Makita-sponsored events in your area. Find out how to get your Makita tools and equipment compliant. If you require support from any of our customer service teams, please call 01908 211 678 or email,   MAKITA DEALER NEAR YOU? 166078-4 Dust Bag 416063-0 Dust Bag Nozzle 794519-6-50 5" Round Abr. Our dust management search tool can help. Dust Management. MAKITA ® DUST MANAGEMENT PRODUCT SEARCH. Asked by: MUOMICRON. Coated/Bonded Abrasives & Tungsten Carbide Cutting Blades, Measuring rods, extension poles and wall mounts, All Cordless Angle Drills / Impact Drivers, All Cordless Vacuum Cleaners / Dust Extractors. 135222-4 Hose … DEALER LOCATOR Â. Disc, Hook & Loop, 80 Grit, 50/pk 742132-A 5" Round Abrasive Disc, (PSA), 80 Grit, 5/pk 794610-0 6" Round Abr. The standard is a strict agreement with EPTA as to how different machines are to be weighted, so you can compare machines across the market.