Shop Local, Eat Local, Spend Local and Enjoy Local. Day 2: If I could do it again, I would start about noon. The first 10 miles are where all the highlights were. Trail was well maintained, easy to follow, very friendly for kids and dogs., World Cases There are also a couple site within the mile past the bridge. FIND … Community Lending Works is committed to the best of their ability, and based on applicant approval, loan funds quickly and within days of application. With the election and the upcoming freeze, it's easy to forget about the devastating wildfires earlier this year. There is still deep patches of snow that are crunchy and collapse easily, you could break a trekking pole or worse. We hiked with a 7 & 13 year old, and our little 7 y.o. As of September 2020, trails in this area are closed due to wildfire. Clear Lake, Blue pool and 2 beautiful waterfalls were the highlights but the whole trail was amazing. Our goal is to provide a resource for residents of the McKenzie River Valley to share what we’re doing. Started at Clear Lake and ended at Carmen Reservoir. Start out on the trail heading west along the lake. was a bit tired by the end. Mckenzie River Rafting Guides offering full and half day trips on the McKenzie River. we camped the first night about one mile down from blue pool and the 2nd night at a great site across the street from a boat ramp (starts with an f... dont remember the name). TLDR: The highway is occasionally audible from the trail though often it’s the river that’s louder! To learn more about the Small Business Emergency Loan Fund specific to Lane County Oregon businesses and to apply, please go to FIND OUT MORE HERE. There are a fair number of bikers across the entire trail, and a lot of day hikers around blue pool and the two falls, but we still had lots of time on the trail with no humans in sight. Definitely can be chilly for the first section of the hike as it’s mostly in the woods and shaded. The McKenzie Community Development Corporation CPA has provided some very useful information regarding the recently passed Federal Corona Virus Aid Bill. This is a very fun run! Your choice. Of note, the sign at the top is blown over. Take a rest here and enjoy Sahalie Falls. Unfortunately if you followed this track you'v gone the wrong way! Bring bug spray. Follow this road across highway 126 and make your way towards Sahalie Falls. It was not an easy hike like it's supposed to be., For more information, please email: Further, MacKenzie River is committed to giving back to our communities by volunteering and financially supporting education, youth recreation, and many other worthy causes. Should the Community Lending Works website becomes overloaded, businesses can email their inquiries or requests for a pdf version of the application to The park staff and volunteers have cleared the few miles either side of the ranger station. So much natural wonder all in the span of a few days' walk. The SBA has agreed to make PPP loans available to agricultural businesses, providing much needed relief. What you should bring are good shoes. Pedal up and over McKenzie Pass between melting snow drifts. Blue Pool (8.8 mi) is a natural stopping point after the first day, but you should either camp somewhere during the mile or so stretch before then in order to be by the river, or camp at the top of Blue Pool with enough water packed for cooking, or continue about 2 miles on. We will strive to keep these pages as current as possible. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Starting out Saturday morning we saw plenty of people for the first couple miles headed to Blue Pool, you'll cross a gravel road where a parking lot and pit toilet is located. McKenzie River Guides Oregon's best fishing and white water guides . Gratefully, I brought clear lenses to swap out with my polarized dark lenses. I tracked it on Strava and it ended up being 27.4 miles. Just hiked from end to end, taking a shuttle from the bottom, getting dropped off at the top. late august there were no bug issues. We went about 4+ miles in, just around Clear Lake. You'll pass by some beautiful log shelters on your way. A perfect little hike--take the kids, take your parents who don't like hiking--they will after this one! I'll be honest after the first 10 miles or so the trail is nothing special. Home-cooked meals for those in or just out of the hospital and grocery pickup for people from Camp Creek to Leaburg. You will have noticed that the trail has left the side of the Mckenzie River by this point. This is a great river trail, it is extremely well maintained and easy to follow. We did the trail in 2 parts. Linn Benton Housing Authority: 541-926-4497, Lane County Human Services Commission: 541-682-3798 McKenzie River National Recreational Trail [CLOSED] is a 24.1 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Blue River, Oregon that features a lake and is rated as difficult. USDA Implements Immediate Measures to Help Rural Residents, Businesses and Communities Affected by COVID-19, Paycheck Protection Programs Information for Borrowers, Email for Worker’s Compensation Questions –, The next few miles heading to Belknap Hotsprings gets progressively more difficult. It is a means of sharing your information with community members, potential volunteers, and visitors. Applications are available here, and eligible businesses who need this relief should apply as soon as possible, given the high demand for this program. I'm looking forward to hitting this trail again when it's clean and cleared. I had no cell service. Bring bug spray, the mosquitoes were hungry! Ride the whole thing for the full package. Go right over the bridge. The trail sticks to the river for the most part and you'll pass over some tributaries for water filtration. 5ish miles later there is a sign pointing out the ranger station, in another mile or so the trail dead ends at a parking lot with a port-o-potty to end your trip. The ranch is on the far east side of Pima County about 1.5 miles north of Marsh Station Road and about 4 miles east of Three Bridges in Pima County’s Cienega Creek Preserve. Started at Clear Lake day-use area and ended at Camp Yale, a few miles short of the trail's end. There is some legitimate climbing and narrow, high exposure sections, to get around areas where there is no space between the river and the mountain. The last 5 miles or so (before the Belknap Springs road) were fantastic with relatively good hard-pack trail with twists and turns through a gorgeous forest. On this particular section there are two massive fir trees that have fallen and taken out the trail. There are parts were the trail is away from water or is high above it for purifying purposes. Coronavirus related Federal and Oregon Legislation (PDF). It's an amazing sight, they took the trail with them, but the are blocking the river creating a natural dam, it's quite a sight. It took us about 10 hours. Ideal spots for camping were seen at Trail Creek Reservoir, also halfway between there and Deer Creek, and at Deer Creek itself. Lane County and Community Lending Works (CLW), in partnership with the Cities of Coburg, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Eugene, Florence, Lowell, Springfield, and Veneta, have been awarded $225,000 from Business Oregon to be provided as grants to eligible businesses. Only did 6 mile and will do the rest tomorrow. ... 2020 Rafting Season COVID-19 Caused Changes to Pricing and Trip Logistics. But up the Environmental and social responsibility are core values of MacKenzie River. 21 JUL 2020 - Only 3 miles in to this 29 mile ride & I hit a rock, went over my handlebars, knocked the wind out of myself, bent my rear derailleur & a pedal, ... & banged up both my hands. Parked shuttle car at clear lake resort to hike 8.45 miles to on third day. Small businesses may apply for loans up to $30,000 at 2% with no payments for the first six months. My daughter and I hiked the trail in 2 days, camping about half way. The McKenzie River Trail hit s a "T" and we took the Clear Lake trail over to the resort area. The trail maintains a gradual downhill track through old growth conifer trees as it winds along the edge of the McKenzie River and crosses the river on a footbridge just before Clear Lake. There are several camping spots right above Blue Pool, to access Blue Pool you can cross the dry river bed and scramble down to the Pool. hours passed with no other person on the trail. We will definitely be back to hike around the lake on the McKenzie River Trail portion.