Marigolds … Outsidepride Marigold Flower Seed Mix - 1000 Seeds. While some varieties of marigolds have been around forever, there are always new varieties. The Mexican Mint Marigold, aka Mexican tarragon, is an ancient herb. TAGETES MINUTA SEEDS (Mexican Marigold) - Plant World Seeds. This item 500 + Marigold Mexican Origin of Flower Seeds. This is an … Try our new offering, a French marigold, the Flamenco! Zinnia - California Giant Flower Seeds Mix - 1,500 Seeds by Seeds2Go. If you can’t find this information on your seed packet, French marigolds (Tagetes patula) will generally bloom in 50-60 days, while Mexican marigolds (T. erecta) need 70-100 days. Signet marigolds … Sow Right Seeds Crackerjack Marigold Seeds - Full Instructions for Planting, Beautiful to Plant in Your Flower Garden; Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds… Multiple small flowers of mid lemony-yellow adorn strong upright stalks, and emerge from amongst large deeply-incised leaves. Marigold seeds, which germinate in just a few days, yield cheerful yellow, orange, red and bi-color blooms in around 8 weeks. The marigold seeds are large and easy to plant. Marigolds are very prolific and easy-to-grow annuals. It is an easy-growing plant with many uses, including being used in tea, in chocolate, or as a savory seasoning.