10th September 2009 #2. Ideal for major broadcast and sporting events. There’s a reason why this mic is so common in pro recording studios. The moral therefore (and yes, I’m back on the 416) is that dialogue should be recorded in mono, which can be panned anywhere in the stereo sound stage in post production. Particularly suited to distance microphone positioning. The VO gold standard. 40049 Guest . The Sennheiser MKH-416. My Studio. The 416, MKH 60, and MKH 70 are all interference tube (aka shotgun) design microphones. It’s directionality, consonant articulation and feedback rejection make this the ideal VO mic, especially for commercials and promos. I realise that many v/o's are using an MKH 416 mic and positioning that is a whole chapter in itself! Frequency-i... more Find a dealer. MKH 8050 ... MKH 8070 Long shotgun microphone. Share Quote. Speaking for myself, I'm more interested in your thoughts on the best positions for condensors, but please share whatever! We pass on the hard-won wisdom of fifty top producers in the essential Sound On Sound guide to recording kick and snare drums, the backbone of modern music.. Choosing a snare drum mic is important, as I discussed in Best Mics for Recording Snare Drums, but When it comes to describing in interview how they record … It's the physics of that design that causes them to sound "hollow" in interiors, and it gets worse the more reflective the room. Back to mono. I can make it more obvious, but even small changes in positioning are extremely distracting for the listener.