Sam Pardee tries out a new take on Collected Company with Abzan Ascendancy and an Aristocrats-esque sacrifice engine! Black Devotion Aristocrats Modern Aggro Competitive Devotion Mono-Black. This is true, but the way this deck wins is by overrunning the opponent with little creatures that recur. It's a mono-black aristocrats deck aiming to win by draining the opponent with Zulaport Cutthroat and Blood Artist. I am trying to make a budget w/b aristocrats for modern. Upvote 0. Card Odds Draw hand. Modern Aristocrats Budget Mono-Black. With a sideboard full of discard, cheap removal, and Lilianas, B/W Aristocrats has the game to hang with Death’s Shadow and many of the top decks in the format. Take ’em down a … Carrie On – Beating Mono-Black: The Return of The Aristocrats. Playtest v1. Looking at the list, you will see that there is no immediate win condition. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Deckcycle Deckcycle Feature Queue. Mono Black Aggro Theorycraft – Throne of Eldraine Standard Format: Standard; Archetype: Mono Black Aggro; Type: Theorycraft; Event: Record: Decklist Unable to access deck list Description. With Path to Exile to make sure you have removal for the scariest creatures of Modern, B/W Aristocrats is a deck I haven’t seen attempted often that packs a ton of power. Checkout Acquireboard. Auto-suggestions . TCGPlayer 320.2 - 302.17 . Description. I so wish they would reprint Carrion Feeder, it would most certainly kick the deck up a notch. By Carrie Oliver / May 13, 2014 October 11, 2019. This deck has gone 3-1 consistently at modern events, but continues to improve. It costs less than 2 tix online (and with a little shopping around can go as low as 50 cents) and, while it certainly isn't ready for the Pro Tour, I've had a lot of fun playing it on MTGO and I think it can make a decent showing at an FNM. LukeEffe. Mono Black Aristocrats Modern BR (Rakdos) BRG (Jund) Mono-Black. Spoiler Timeline. Edit. CardHoarder 128.46 TIX. Upvote 0. Add to folder Copy. Card Kingdom 290.28 - 324.28 . Tired of Mono-Black’s dominance? Compare to inventory. Edit. S e r g a l. Edit Live Edit. Channel Pardee Time – Modern Abzan Ascendancy. I try to run a very low curve as I do with mono black which allows for a low cost Rally the Ancestors. Edit Live Edit. By Sam Pardee / September 23, 2015 October 10, 2019. Edit Live Edit. Mono Black: 0.03%: 9 $513 $149 Abzan Company: 0.03%: 8 $703 $380 Nexus Reclamation: 0.03%: 9 $730 $221 Gruul Moon: 0.03% : 8 $619 $274 UW Auras: 0.03%: 8 $398 $328 Sultai Midrange: 0.03%: 8 $1247 $494 Mono Green Aggro: 0.02%: 7 $170 $91 Vannifar Combo: 0.02%: 5 $766 $280 Vampires: 0.02%: 6 $616 $244 Heliod Company: 0.02%: 5 $696 $256 Bant Eldrazi: 0.02%: 5 $761 $194 Rakdos … ArchonBlue. Without further ado, let’s delve into the potential Mono Black decks in the new Standard.