So, this seasoning is an excellent alternative to oregano. The cuisines of other Mediterranean countries make less use of it, but it is of some importance for Spanish, French and Greek cooking. Oregano can effectively be combined with pickled olives and capers or lovage leaves; other than most Italian herbs, oregano harmonizes even with hot and spicy food, as is popular in Southern Italy. Oregano is one of the chief ingredients in Italian seasoning. However, if you find yourself missing oregano, don’t fret because you can use substitutes. It also makes an appearance in many Mexican and Spanish dishes and can be used to add flavor to almost any food. Herbs are also dried and used in seasoning Italian food. Basil may get all the attention, but parsley is more widely used. Be sure to add it early in the cooking process. Its flavor isn’t super aromatic, but mild and earthy with a hint of mintiness to it. Oregano is a woody, robust, and flavorful herb that’s used in a variety of cuisines, and especially Greet and Italian cooking. Above all, it also contains another ingredient like marjoram, thyme, and basil which has a similar flavor like oregano. Used on pizza and in … L'origano è una pianta aromatica con un fusto robusto e legnoso e piccole foglie molto profumate. If you are fond of Italian cooking, one of the staple herb you should always have is oregano. Has a much stronger flavor dry than fresh but just as good. Come Usare l'Origano in Cucina. An herb that grows wild in central and southern Italy and the rest of the Mediterranean countries. In Italian cooking, thyme, or timo, is an excellent herb to use fresh. Viene usato in molte cucine e in special modo in quella italiana e greca. Oregano: Origano: This herb has a potent aroma and flavor that predominates in much southern Italian cooking and is used commonly with tomatoes. Oregano is particularly useful in any tomato-based dish. This enables the oil and allows time for the flavor to be released. Italian seasoning is a simple mixture of common herbal spices 0ften seen together. These herbs are eaten fresh with salads, are chopped and crushed for cooking meat and vegetable dishes or are used in soups and marinades. It is used in Italian cooking and known by most children as "the pizza herb." However use less dry oregano, as the flavor is more concentrated. Some of the main herbs that are used in Italian cooking are basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme, mint, bay leaf, parsley, sage and rosemary. Oregano is a well-loved cooking herb. Origano. OREGANO AS USED IN ITALIAN COOKING. In fact, it was once known by some US soldiers as “the pizza herb” because it is one of the spices used as pizza a topping. Parsley: Prezzemolo: This herb is the unheralded star of Italian cooking. It can be used fresh and dried, and it’s most often paired with tomatoes, but it also goes well with meats, fish, and a variety of other vegetables. Here’s what you need to know.