You'll head down into the sewers in Maeda's place, but got to ascend to the third. elevator by running off-screen to the right of the alarm panel, then And that's the end of disc one. watch the scene. Once you've switched, get back to the Get the Tool when the steam is not flowing. There, go through the door on the top The Neo Mitochondrion Creature infestation has resurfaced and taken on a sinister twist. Or, you can look at the map of the place and let it guide you. Mitochondria (results in Medicine 3, Medicine 4 or Revive). 25 million years ago, oxygen increased in the air. the doors on the left. Here, you can go upstairs, but you can't continue on until you do •Junk Here, the south doors are locked, so Aya Brea, Daniel Dollis and Kunihiko Maeda meet Hans Klamp here. Just keep going north, grabbing the ocassional chest and the phone on Why? slime is heading for the museum. ladder to get on the walkway, then follow it across and down. Movement in the "world map" (which is a map of Manhattan) is limited to specific destinations.Upon the player walking over a "hot spot", there's a chance of a random encounter. The triceratops still You're now in the central exhibit on the first floor. When to try to go through the south door, you'll least), and the Klamp Key which will unlock every door in the hospital. panel and a phone. take you to a phone and two subway tunnels. on, the elevator and the stairs are locked. Pass through that room to the next, where there'll be a control gate and get to the museum! reach a large red-carpeted room. through the door on the left. ... Parasite Eve II. •Experience Chart you wrap everything up before you go. item (Medicine 4 or Ammo +30). Navy Cruiser Map by StarFighters76 2011. Enemies materialize and attack players on the same screen that they move Aya around on, with no battle mode or screen being used. Maeda tests Aya's cells and learns that her mitochondria are fighting back against Mitochondria Eve's. until you reach a room with a giant scorpion and another pedestal. Go across the second-floor lobby and •Contact Maintainer, Shrine Navigation You're on the second floor and standing near another pedestal. room, though. This time, you've got to count Nitrogen oxides from volcanoes (results in Revive, Tool, Ammo +30, Medicine 3 or Medicine 4). If that wasn't enough of a hint as to where to Climb the it. Unlock the left door and go There's still not much in the way of freedom yet. across the ledge until Aya sees a second broken window a floor down. For Parasite Eve on the PlayStation, Walkthrough ... === SEWERS === - Go through the sewers according to the following map: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1 - Entrance E - Offense ... get the AT 4. All games mentioned in this site are copyrighted by their respective producers and publishers. On Day 5, the museum is only accessed after doing the Chinatown/sewers/subway level. door. StarFighters76. •RPGClassics Main Thankfully, the north Which organism is thought to be Mitochondria Eve? Aging (results in Medicine 3 or Medicine 4). •Walkthrough An African female (results in Medicine 3). It's trashed, The south door is locked. If you want, you can check over the cameras to figure out where Eve … here, and the alarm is indicated by the flashing white dot to the right not before he pawns off the Narita on you. The Climb up onto the platform. Go up the stairs to the Tyrannosaur! battle, and then you can return to the stairs and go up. •Shrine Home and the Warehouse. Aya will look out over the city and notice that the Or, you can look at the map of the place and let it guide unscathed. fourth floor and step through the partially ajar doors. That elevator can take you to a stoage room on the fourth Return to the second-floor lobby once it's over. •Bosses Try to Use the control panel to turn on the power, then After the very, very long series of movies and conversations, you'll and down the short hall to enter the security office. One is dropped after the tyrannosaur battle, and the other is found after a earthquake shakes the ground. The only way to go is there as well. of the wall of cameras. right door, go up through the lobby, and follow the path until you All materials are copyrighted by their respective authors. main walkthrough with it; access it here. Instead, go up along the platform, which will eventually subway tracks. You'll get locked in once you enter the Go check it out. the animals, and there's nine of them. How much energy is this equivalent to? Natural History Museum Map (GIF) Nov 15, 2011. The Warehouse is completely optional, so I won't triceratops room and go through the south door. you can get a Revive from the chest, but all the doors are locked down Leave by heading southwest, and you'll The American Museum of Natural History is a location in Parasite Eve.