You can also make porridge, soup or make a stew with this cooker. This rice cooker even has a program catered to make baby food, so this is most suitable for 3G households. It can also be used to ferment bread or bake! With the Fuzzy Logic technology, you can mix your white rice with brown rice or grains and they will all be cooked perfectly – without over- or under-cooking any of them. The Philips Viva Collection Rice Cooker HD3132/62 is a 2L rice cooker that can feed up to 14 people. Cuckoo also prides itself on coming up with an unparalleled way to cook nutritious and healthy rice. This means that you can entrust the Zojirushi rice cooker to cook the perfect rice for you – every single time! It has a stainless steel body with a removable aluminium inner lid for easy cleaning. The good news is this: There are now many rice cookers out there which can help you nail that perfect rice each and every time – without having to overly fret about the proportions and rice type. The technology of such rice cookers will ensure that the texture and fluffiness of the rice are not compromised. You can also steam vegetables, eggs or meat with the steaming tray which comes together as a set. Here are the best rice cookers that you can buy in Singapore today! The Zojirushi MICOM Rice Cooker and Warmer is every mom’s dream kitchen assistant. You can also make cakes and bread with this cooker too. The Panasonic SR-ZE105WSH Rice Cooker is easy to use and is inbuilt with the MICOM technology that adjusts the cooking time and temperature automatically. Some rice cookers come with dual functions where you can also include a steaming tray above which allows for concurrent steaming of vegetables, meat or tofu while the rice cooks. It also features the Fuzzy Logic technology that allows for even cooking of items with different textures and types – all simultaneously! See all benefits. The Philips Viva Collection HD3038 Rice Cooker enhances the conventional cooking of your rice. The inner lid and steam vent can be easily removed to wash in the sink to keep the entire appliance clean and hygienic. The Philips Rice Cooker HD3031/03 uses the fuzzy logic to give you optimal cooking results every time. It also steps up by timing the required pre-soak of the raw grains and the waiting period required at the end. With the pre-set timer that is up to 12 hours, you can even program this at night to get the rice ready in the morning. Your rice stays warm and doesn’t get overcooked with the extended keep-warm function. Some of the product links that we have included are affiliate links. Not only does the IH electromagnetic heating technology and high-end micro pressure heating technology cook rice evenly and perfectly, but you can also adjust the preferred softness or hardness of the rice via the smart temperature control! It has 10 different menus designed specificlly with respect to the varieties of materials. This is a great choice if you want to cut down on the space occupied by your household appliances at home. Also, the rice cooker can adapt the optimal temperature and cooking time for a variety of rice, like sushi rice, mixed rice, brown rice or normal white rice. It has 25 cooking programs, ranging from cooking rice to baking, soup, stew, slow cook and even pasta and desserts! The pot has a round bottom that encourages even heat transmission and circulation to cook your rice perfectly each time. Also for: Hd3038. You get quality all tightly packed in the compact Tefal Mini Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK5001. For a high quality and durable rice cooker, look no further than this Philips one! The non-stick inner pot is durable, easy to wash and also ensures that no rice is wasted. With a decent 1.8L size, it can cook up for up to 8 people. Size of rice cooker typically measured in terms of cups, and this range from 4 to 18 cups. Reviews Reviews-{discount-value} Images ; Viva Collection Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker HD3038/30. The Philips cooker looks great with temperature control and an extremely durable, cutting-edge 5-layer golden inner pot, which conducts heat evenly for food cooked in the traditional style of big pot See all benefits. Contact us . Get it now from Shopee. Thread starter Yorky; Start date 20 Nov 2016; Tags appliances cooking equipment rice rice cooker; Yorky Uncomfortably numb. When it comes to getting the most fluffy and fragrant rice, the brand of the rice may not matter as much as how you cook them. Nutrition is important to keep healthy. For a compact-sized rice cooker that doubles up as a multi-cooker, get the Philips Rice Cooker – HD 3060/62 today. Comes with a steam basket too so that you can simultaneously prepare your meal! There is also a quick cook function if you want to save some time! The Hitachi RZ-PMA10Y Rice Cooker has a rapid cooking mode that reduces the time required for rice to be completely cooked well. Featuring the spherical pot and fuzzy logic technology, the Tefal Fuzzy Logic Rice Cooker RK8115 is legitimately a coming of age product. This allows you to cook mixed grains with brown rice evenly for great consistency. The Philips Rice Cooker HD3031/03 uses the fuzzy logic to give you optimal cooking results every time. Improve the well-being of your family with this amazing Cuckoo CRP-N0681F Rice Cooker today – it is not just about the perfectly cooked rice, but also the ultimate nutritional benefits! This Tiger JNP-1800 Rice Cooker series has established itself as a necessary household item in the market for decades. Xiaomi has yet again redefined the Internet of Things with the Xiaomi IH Rice Cooker. Philips’ Viva collection rice cooker is another model that’s designed for small families or singles. For a premium rice cooker with versatile functions, Tiger JAX-S18S Rice Cooker is definitely a good choice. The 6-layer diamond coated inner pan is ultra non-stick, and can transfer and retain heat to cook each grain of rice with tender loving care. Review Philips HD3030-30 Rice Cooker. With the fuzzy logic technology, this Tefal rice cooker will be your best assistant in cooking the most fluffy and delicious rice. Overall Rating / 5. The inner pot is spherical in shape, which harnesses the heat convection in all directions to cook your rice evenly. Some also come with an insert to steam your vegetables and meat at the same time! The LED display is clear and provides an accurate indication of the time left until your rice is ready. Be the first to review this item . You get the satisfaction of scooping everything out easily and seeing an empty pot. Comes with 5 different functions and all it takes is one touch to get the rice cooker going. Get connected and get tasty rice cooked right to your preference. HD3031 rice cooker pdf manual download. Your rice comes out fluffy and well cooked, with a fragrant aroma. Overall Rating / 5. Featuring a simple design that’s clear to see and easy to use, the rice cooker cooks rice perfectly in the shortest time required. So take note of the typical amount of rice you need to prepare each time to decide what capacity suits you best!