. Everything’s going to be fine. So, gather all the courage and think of only the best. I have seen you sulking in pain and I am glad that this is happening. This is a crucial time and your strength will define all. Tough times make you realise a lot of things. It’s quite normal to jitter before the surgery. Friends are meant to be there for you in the good and bad. What to Say to Someone After They Have Surgery. A smile never goes out of style. Your life is about to get better. It can remind you of your own mortality or fragility. You are here to be fine than ever. Into your hands, I commend my body and my soul. We are with you! I know a lot of people might be coming to you speaking about the same. It’s an understandably worrying time for anyone going through it. What to Say to Someone Who Is About to Have Surgery Between the potential risks involved and the varying recovery times, which usually spells out boredom, being alone is part […] I just want you to know that this surgery is going to improve every aspect in your life. Keep your spirits high! All the best! All the best! This too shall pass, my friend. Amen. You can either choose to worry or choose to study hard and I believe studying is a better option. Give people purpose and set them free. It is going to be well for you. He or she may even start to regret the decision to have the procedure. I am always with you! Finally there is a prayer for successful recovery, healing and restoration after an operation. i would like to make her a card and include with it an inspirational poem. Are you having surgery or know someone that is? Between the potential risks involved and the varying recovery times, which usually spells out boredom, being alone is part […] The following encouraging words and comforting poems for cancer patients can be shared online or used in a card. thanks! My good wishes are always with you. You can send them some luck, motivation and support to battle through the predicament. Guide with wisdom and skill the minds and hands of the medical people who minister in your Name, and grant that every cause of illness be removed. Hopefully you’ll soon be back to doing what you really want to be doing – driving your wife crazy. With spiritual eyes opened wide, I release myself from all doubt as faith manifests and abounds. I can completely understand you at this moment. Good Luck Quotes for Someone Having Surgery. Lots of love! I do not expect much optimism from you at this moment but I also want you to know that this surgery is going to yield only good in your life. Cheer up! You have a bunch of people who love you more than anything else. This worry is worthless as compared to the life you are going to get. Have faith! Think of only the good. This surgery is going to be fruitful for you. Wish you all the very best for tomorrow. My prayers and good wishes are always with you. It gives you a clear vision about your life and people around. Surgeries can be one of the anxious events in someone’s life. Good luck, champion! Good luck! Good luck! I’m sure you’re driving all the nurses crazy as you recover from your surgery. Here are more top scriptures you may enjoy! November 28, 2018 by Olivia Stone. ... best wishes for surgery quotes 328 1,229 best wishes for surgery 296 798 well wishes for surgery 267 1,819 message before surgery 267 528 wishes for surgery 258 593 before surgery wishes messages 242 643. what to say to someone before surgery 205 1,806 How about you relaxing today and me handling your worries? Wish you the best of everything. Poems about Surgery at the world's largest poetry site. Seek his blessings in the times of worry and he will remove your pains. There should be no room for negativity in your life right now. The doctors are great, you have your friends and family beside you then what else do you need? Take care! can anyone recommend a really great poem that would fit perfectly for the situation she's in? Years from now you will laugh at the anxiety and tell stories about it to the people you know. Chill. I can write a long letter describing your importance in my life. It is happening for good and I want you to remind yourself that over and over. There is nothing to worry about. This anxiety matters only for an hour or two compared to all the good times which are going to come to you. There are moments in life when much trust is required, moments such as these, where the magnitude of my faith is dependent on the dissipation of my fears. You are going to be fine! All the best! What can you do? It is going to be only good. You have so much more to smile for. That I may be restored to soundness of health and learn to live in more perfect harmony with you and with those around me. Category: Get well soon quotes for Her – “Do not worry, my Queen, that the difficult moments you have now , will soon pass. I just want to say that I know you are going to nail it because you are my friend. No one likes to go under the Doctor’s knives yet sometimes surgeries cannot be avoided due to many reasons. This too shall pass. Good luck! Surgeries can be one of the anxious events in someone’s life. O … Then, if it’s major surgery, there’s the fear of what will happen afterwards and the recovery. I wish that your quality of your life improves with this surgery. You are much luckier than you think you are. Trust in the magic of universe and think of only the good. is dependent on the dissipation of my fears. So, for now embrace the experience but think of it in a better way. All the best! Relax. Patients going in for surgery look to their friends during this time. Relax. Good luck! You are going to make it right. Never forget that. You don’t have to worry about anything alone. All the best! Wish you all the luck and health. All the best! May he shower his blessings upon you today. I am always here with you. Calm yourself and believe in the God. Fill it with utmost positivity. Being your friend I am here to placate you in every way. Take deep breaths and think of a happy future. It brings a chaos with it for both the patient and the family. Remember how you used to make me understand things when I jittered unnecessarily? We are with you. Your mental state is surely going to get on your nerves but you have to keep reminding yourself about the quality of life it will bring back to you. The key to success is in your hands. This situation is put forth in front you to conquer gracefully. Have some faith in the doctors, medicine and yourself. I promise to relieve you from the worries. Crests and troughs are the part of life. All the best you fighter! When someone is having surgery, he or she needs some emotional and mental support! Go it get, buddy! I wish you a lifetime of health and happiness. Further down you can also read comforting quotes on … Good luck! The good thing about a surgery get well card is that you have the opportunity to send some real encouragement when your friend or relative needs it.