I’ve recently found myself pining for small multiples as a feature in Power BI. All of this learning and experience is available for you now via the 2 custom Power BI visuals I mentioned above, and one of the cool things is can do in the chart visual is render small multiples. The xViz Advanced Trellis Chart (aka small multiples) is of a group of similar charts having a common axis and value fields split across a category and a great choice when it comes to analyzing trends across a category in a single view. Was productive. The visual's data is partitioned across these versions by a chosen dimension (for example, splitting a "sales over time" line chart by product lines or geo-regions). Post COVID Performance of Top Companies Advanced Trellis [Small Multiples] For Microsoft ® Power BI. Ended up doing it myself (for line charts, at least). Small multiples, or trellising, splits a visual into multiple versions of itself, presented side-by-side. Recently, there was a post on the Power BI blog about how to do How to do multivariate reporting with Power BI or what you may know as “Small-Multiples.”Small-multiples allow you tell a big story via a chorus of little stories, that would otherwise be obscured by the large number of plotted points.