However, if you are not sure how to do this, it would be a good idea to look for one online that would be perfect for your needs. Looking for ways to develop an effective public health program evaluation plan? This form is used by an agency that conducts a training program for people who might be thinking of continuing their education. This form is used in school and colleges to confirm if the students are happy with the various activities that are offered to them. [9] Until recently, however, there has been little agreement among public health officials on the principles and procedures for conducting such studies. It highlights the key criteria for evaluation, objectives of the evaluation within a certain timeline and the expected outcome of the evaluation plan. It focuses on the framework and purpose of programs and policies while also keeping a close eye on the progress simultaneously. The form comprises of various segments and the participants are required to score these on a scale of 1 to 5. This example is based on INTERREG – IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme of Bulgaria-Serbia built on the basis of the experience that has been gathered during the programming and while implementing it to strengthen the cross-border cooperation for protection of nature and promote tourism. Mainly used in organizations, this evaluation form is handed out to the employees at the end of a training program. The following is an example of a Program Evaluation policy developed by RHCs in Virginia. However, the user can easily make changes to the format, as per his needs. Program evaluation is one of ten essential public health services [8] and a critical organizational practice in public health. Evaluation involves a systematic collection and analysis of data to critically examine a program for better effectiveness. The scope of work and the time taken to finish the tasks assigned are also taken into consideration. A company that organizes a training program, hands out these forms to the people who have attended the program to find out what they thought of the event. )Overview of Methods to Collect Information(questionn… It can be used by any company and agency that may be conducting a program to help other people improve their skills or learn something new. Planning an evaluation and monitoring the process to go about the same are the key objectives of this plan. This comprises of the major segments which should be a part of such a form. This template has been made to focus on the evaluation and its desired results. You can however, add a small space at the end of the form and ask the participants to share their suggestions. This form handed out to the participants of a child nutrition program to find out what they think about the program as well as the trainer. Program Evaluation Plan Example. Analysis of the training program evaluation form also acts a deciding force as to the extent of improvement required in various programs. This plan has been devised by the citizens to fund good quality early childhood development and health programs throughout the state based on research work before implementing the steps required.  This template will further help you in creating your own evaluation plan. By analyzing these forms, the agency can ascertain if the participants found the program useful. The agency expects the participants to fill out this form which enables them to understand the impact of their programs. This Evaluation Plan Template is used by evaluators to meticulously evaluate both the relevance and employment of a plan and the key components of a are mentioned here in detail.