Several things helped me to prepare for the presentation to the beer executives. You want to make each person feel like you’re having a personal exchange with him or her; it will help you speak in a conversational tone, which will keep them interested. The knowledge of the wise is obscured by craving, an insatiable fire. Don’t segment the audience in a clichéd or generalized way. The wicked who cook only for themselves - eat only sin. You can make some assumptions from this information, but it’s limited to just that—assumptions. Reagan positions himself as both outside the fray and part of it. Lastly the part about Svadharma (own duty) was inspiring. One who restrains his active sense while constantly engaging in thoughts about sensory objects is deluding himself and is a hypocrite. By: FrozenEden 'He had mentioned you having some difficulties with your quirk. In one of the longest Chapters of the Bhagavad Gita, he told Arjuna about the Soul’s immortality, as well as how the wise maintain a calm and composed outlook by applying eternal knowledge and not being attached to the outcomes/fruits of their actions. You might take note of what they chat about on social media sites until you reach a point where you feel you know them personally. But to the team, everything seemed safe and stable. RESPECT The audience must be your focus while you create the content of your presentation. On 5th July 2020, my dear Dad passed away and moved on to the next realm. This institution can help you with that! A person who performs his duty without attachment attains the Ultimate. Lesson for whole life. Snyder says that a “save the cat” scene is “where we meet the hero and he or she does something—like saving a cat—that defines who he is and makes the audience like him.”6 By answering the questions on the right, you’ll uncover what makes your hero likeable. Follow/Fav Resonate. Even though a downturn was coming, the idea had no traction because I didn’t use symbols or experiences to which my audience could connect. Even though I only used a portion of the insights in the actual presentation, I felt like I knew them and had empathy for what was on their minds. It is a different approach and slightly more nuanced than the largely Western approaches that we are familiar with. VALUES Are they impulsive or systematic? People set aside differences when they’re strongly connected to achieving a common goal. “Twofold is the steadfastness, in which I proclaimed of old in this world: The Yoga of Knowledge (“Sankhya Yoga”) for the intellectuals and The Yoga of Action (“Karma Yoga”) for the action-oriented people. My employees are not blind; my communication was flawed. Once you’ve identified the overlap, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what’s outside the overlap that needs to be embraced by the audience. Craving sits at the seat of the mind, intelligence and the senses.”, “Senses are superior to the sense objects, the mind is superior to the senses, the intellect is superior to the mind, but what is greater than the intellect is the Self.”. we are drawn towards ‘pleasant’ sounds and run away from ‘harsh’ sounds) and one should not be swayed by this as it causes obstructions on one’s path. So, stop thinking about yourself, and start thinking about connecting with them. Don’t forget, they are only human, living chaotic lives. A/N: Thank you so much for 40+ favorites, guys! These three fundamental forces tie into diet as well (see Sattvic diet). To make a personal connection, you have to bond with what it is in people that makes them human.