Next, focus on unlocking Armored to the Teeth for increased defense. So, it is no wonder I write topics about PC gaming and building PCs for gaming. Down below you will find all Peerless Scholar answers so you can pass Preliminary, Midterm…. First, unlock Strategic Prowess and Healing Herbs to increase her troop’s damage sustain ability, Armed to the Teeth to increase her troop’s damage and Hidden Wrath for rage restoration. Aethefaed's Skill Page in "Rise of Kingdoms". Her sculpture costs about 1500 medals. She can be great for experience farming. The peacekeeping talent build maximizes damage towards barbarians as well as experience gained. If you are not going to pick the skills above then you can go for Emergency Protection. Building the right talent paths for your Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is absolutely one of the hardest things to do. Her active skill deals the least amount of Damage Factor compared to all of the legendary commanders in the game. Pair her up with another barbarian killing commander and it’ll be much easier for you to attack neutral units. It is very important because you want to use your skills faster so you can do more damage. These talents increase their damage reduction and healing ability. Does that mean she is only good in hunting barbarians and neutral units or is she pretty much useless? First, you will go to the support section to pick Rejuvenate. Don’t you worry though you can also get free Aethaelfaed Sculptures from chests. Hungry Turkey is great where you can spend 7k gems to…, The Heroic Anthem in Rise of Kingdoms is a new version of KVK mode. Become a better player by reading our game guides. You can buy 3 sculptures of Aethaelfaed every day in the store. Spend the Remaining Talent Points in the Leadership Talent Tree. Talent build path for your selected commander. You are done with peacekeeping so go to the leadership section and go straight for Strategic Prowess that will increase your defense by 20%, while getting some great skills and stats along the path. And with this Aethaelfaed Talent Tree Build guide, learn how to best utilize her and build her talents. Rise Of Kingdoms was made by Lilith Games. How to Build Aethelfaed's Talent Tree as a Great Debuffer. is not endorsed or affiliated with Lilith Games. Aethelflaed is a commander that you will use at all times. Of course, she is definitely not a nuking commander based on her skills. If you are planning to use Aethelflaed for rallying barbarians forts you can pick Mighty Force to increase damage against forts. Hannibal Barca, a great debuffer, is a strongly recommended pair for Aethaelfaed. This is because If you do it right, you can progress a lot faster throughout the game and maximize the potentials of your Commanders/armies.. It might pretty much turn the tables for you and your opponent. Unlock and Spend a few Points in Steely Soul Talent, Hannibal Barca significantly improves Aethelfaed's Debuff Ability. Spend the remaining talent points on Steely Soul. So if you are planning to use Aethelflaed as a primary commander you must go with this talent tree build. At this point, you may take Cage of Thorns to add speed reduction effect to her active skill. Apart from being a great debuffer, Aethaelfaed is also good for hunting barbarians and neutral units. Take Fresh Recruits along the way to increase maximum troop capacity. Now go for Strategic Prowess to get a 20% bonus defense after using the skill. After Insight you will go to the Support section and go straight for Rejuvenate. She is great for barbarians and for supporting your troops in PVP battles. Spend only 1 Talent Point of Aethelfaed in Cage of Thorns. There are three stages in Lyceum of Wisdom and they are Preliminary, Midterm and Final Exam. Supplementing her ability to decrease the target’s attack, defense and health with another debuff definitely puts the target at grave disadvantage. Aethelflaed is a great and valuable commander for field battles. However, this is strongly recommended when her expertise skill is already unlocked. Well, you may spend a talent point on it even without maxing her skills out since it doesn’t really matter that much.